Your ideal Season 2 Server Configs? What would you play;

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    idea Your ideal Season 2 Server Configs? What would you play;

    Hello there since Season 2 is my most favorite MuOnline season and i have worked on season 2 for a long time, had more than 4-5 season 2 servers (unsuccesful and short time successfull) i feel like creating another season 2 server. My ideal server that i would play on season 2 would be:Exp from 150-300x (Private Server exp)No resets (If resets then no extra points given etc/ but just Ranking and receive some gift after X amount of resets+ to re-add stats (rebuild) (but personally i prefer no resets at all)
    Drops 35-45% (general drops)

    Jewel drops from Mobs + hearts or medals and also bosses (like end of some maps,Tarkan,Atlans3 etc)
    Chaos machine rates not hard but also abit challenging, so for +10/11 = 85/80% and +12/13 = 75/70%
    Jewel rates for upgrading Soul with no Luck = 75% + luck = 80% and Life 65% (more than the global rates)

    rate to create wings lvl2 90% max/same with other items max rate 90%

    Box of kunduns drop maximum to Dragon Set/Legendary/Lightplate/Guardian/ etc and the rest good stuff will drop from real events like Kanturu/Crywolf/Aida Boss/Kundun/Erohim and so on

    Skeleton King and those extra mobs could be in Lore/Devias and Noria and just drop some jewel (bless/soul)

    So golden invasion every 1 and half hour
    blood castle standard every 1 hour and then Devil square starts (in between devil square and BC) will start the same time with Chaos Castle so users will need to decide whats more priority.
    Then other events something like Kanturu every 6 hours u can re-enter and play it.
    crywolf every 6 or 8 hours
    castle siege every week once for sure
    valley of loren event once everyday with those mobs + Erohim
    White Wizard every 2 hours (Drop jewel of Chaos)

    Max level: 400

    Exc options max = 2 (example: dragon blade + luck+skill+option(add+4) + exc dmg + id2%) [5 options = from LORD MIX only]

    Max add option: + 16 (4 jewel of lifes)

    Elf solider max level buff: 200

    Exc drop rate from mobs: 1 exc drop out of 200 mobs killed

    Max zen inventory: 2 billion (1 billion = in vault)

    Movelist to all maps + valley of loren which u can go to Crywolf / Land of Trials / Castle siege from there.Arena (disabled) only for PVP u can go there and hang around :)

    PvP balanced as best as possible to all characters are strong enough (can get strong enough to defeat each other) - depend always on their build stats!
    Webshop not enabled
    Shops will be filled with basic items to start your journey, some BC/DS/Kalima tickets (except the last level of these events so max BC+7/DS+5+Kalima+6 tickets)

    Maps are filled with alot of plenty enough spots on each map so no arena will be needed etc.

    Website: simple but enough to do some important things for your account, use your Coins from votes in game for Seals, change account info, check castle siege status, check players rankings, check some guides, rules of the server etc..
    Client and Server side should be protected with a proper Antihack system + hosting should be 24/7 with ddos protection. Also AFK bots are allowed (if they work and dont mess with the antihack)

    Donations only enabled for supporting the server purposes(x) cash shop enabled only with Seals and Tickets:
    Seal of Ascension
    Seal of Wealth
    Seal of Sustenance
    Blood Castle Ticket
    Kalima Ticket
    Talisman of Luck
    Best ways to have the Coins to get some of these x cash shop stuff = VOTE for the server + be active in the game (every hour = X coins reward) then u can enjoy your little reward and maybe use abit of exp boost help etc :)

    Ancient items will drop from: Kundun Boss, Chaos Castle & Land of Trials

    Game commands:(All the standard original ones)+ /post + /pkclear (still not sure about that)+ /add (points /ene /str/ agi/ /cmd /vit)

    Points per level = default 7 for MG/DL and 5 for BK/SM/ELF

    Party exp something like:
    Party2Exp = 270 ;Party of 2 Exp PercentParty3Exp = 280 ;Party of 3 Exp Percent Party4Exp = 300 ;Party of 4 Exp PercentParty5Exp = 350 ;Party of 5 Exp Percent SetParty3Exp = 300 ;Party of 3 Set Exp Percent SetParty4Exp = 330 ;Party of 4 Set Exp Percent SetParty5Exp = 360 ;Party of 5 Set Exp Percent

    Zen system = standard like webzen which reduces to drop the same amount of zen in party

    Also there are more things like GM events daily and competitions and such which will bring more things to do in game and activity.

    So whats the point of this game?
    1. Find out what is your favorite character and make him the best possible for PvP or PvM
    2. Market and buy/exchange/trade stuff to each other supporting each other and enjoying the game at its fullest
    3. have some awesome sets/weapons that make DIFFERENCE in the game which players can learn from or crave to achieve
    4. Risk combining items in chaos machine untill u create the best items u ever wanted.
    5. do Duels/PK for fun or battle purposes with other players or even Guild wars :)
    6. Enjoy the Game events fully by participating to these events and not just going for the reward!
    7. Explore new ways to conquer the MU world and become the best player or have the greatest Guild/Alliance that rules the game. (castle siege etc)
    8. Get to know more people!!!!! no way, Personally (me as KarLi) i got real life friends from MU! i also learnt alot of english... and it makes me happy being still on this road... enjoying the game that brought me or made me STAY into the internet / gaming world... everything that happens is amazing and so i love this game and would love to see that Harmony between those who are on that road, the mu online lovely journey :) which never ends.. Well thats it.. i just missed those times where people grind the game together and would love to hear some opinions.
    Please if you dont have anything valuable to comment u better dont reply. Also for those who want to suggest for other season of the server are welcome, but please elaborate the pros/cons because season 2 server is what this thread is exactly about it and i would like to dive deep into what people love about season 2.

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    Re: Your ideal Season 2 Server Configs? What would you play;

    Your settings are almost identical to my old LastLand S2 (no resets).
    Some suggestions: make Fenrir difficult but not "impossible" (original settings make it very hard)
    Make Loren Valley Invasion Event and have erohim drop 1 ancient
    Lord Mix should made such as it would be possible to create items slightly better than the best BOK+5

    I also suggest to make zen drop a bit more (in party) as it is needed for a lot of stuff otherwise ppl will not party and just play by themselves with a exc+zen set.

    I'd lower a bit the exc drop from mobs (maybe 1/400) since you have Golden invasion every 1,5 h.
    I originally set it every 6H to keep players from getting OP stuff, if you want to make a long lasting server you need to have events not too frequently.
    For example on LL Crywolf invasion was once a week.

    Also, don't start events immediatly after opening as no one would be strong enough to do them (so no WW Invasions, Golden Invasions and so one) wait to have some players get strong first :)

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    Re: Your ideal Season 2 Server Configs? What would you play;

    Great ideas mate! I appreciate it.

    Fenrir will be bit difficult but not that hard to find those items from Crywolf, specially with party and good characters that can kill good.

    Hmm about erohim drops it surely makes sense to add an ancient, depends if i will be able to make that setting on the bag work, but cool idea.
    Yeah lord mix makes better items than every BOK + all the events, cus the item will have 3 options standard like (DD+DSR+REF) with luck/add/skill.

    As far i remember those lord mix were the rarest items on season 2 each time there was a castle siege winner they had all prepared those jewel of guardians (which i prefer to drop from Chaos castle/Kalima 7 map/land of trials/crywolf only) + loads of zen and immediately reward themselves with a Lord Mix item. I forgot totally about sets + zen :O ... so makes sense to make zen same in party then (or more depends on characters levels just like exp?) Hmm well it would be great to make the golden invasions every 3hours then and let the exc rate be something like 1/300.

    Also, don't start events immediatly after opening as no one would be strong enough to do them (so no WW Invasions, Golden Invasions and so one) wait to have some players get strong first :)

    While i do agree i also feel liek it will color out the games taste and feeling if i disabled goldens and WW etc..
    cuz let me elaborate the way i see it, people go to lorencia as 1lvl start leveling up and so on if they don't see goldens they will not be that excited to keep going and be like oh damn i wish i was stronger, let me play longer let me get party let me find ideas to get stronger faster so i can come back and kill those goldens or WW. Thats the way i see it and it colors the game with event notices, flying dragons and bright map (dev/lore/noria) well CC is somehting really extra but would make sense to keep it, cuz i loved to kill those CC corps and get ring of warrior which helps tremendously when starting off .

    also forgot to include where feather will drop is : IcaruS only from the purple mobs and UP, i think thats the most ideal and original. Also maybe even add it plus to dark phoenix :)
    lets see what others say! :)

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    Re: Your ideal Season 2 Server Configs? What would you play;

    1) Expensive moves and resets and low zen drop rate to give some value to it.
    2) if i do use a cashshop i would also make the items avaible to be bought with ñcpoints or similar obtained through events or specific monsters, that way server gets earnings and free players gets nice stuff (off course no fo items sold or anything like that).
    3) different types of spots, i mean dispersed monsters for area skills like evil spirits and close monster spots for melee classes
    4) events like item hunting (like craft system from zteam s6 files), words scramble, q&a and many others.
    5) excellent items only through events, and each event to drop a different part( boots, helms and the rest) that way all the events would lively.
    6) i would replace arena with other map so the players wouldn't be stucked there like most servers.

    And lots of stuff i had planned but i cant remember atm.