Best MU gaming memories (nostalgia thread!)

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    Best MU gaming memories (nostalgia thread!)

    Hi guys,
    i was wondering what are your best memories in Mu Gaming?
    Did you have some nice experiences in the game?

    I've been an admin more than a player so i quite never had satisfactions gamewise...

    When i played on global (wigle time, LT best map) drop rate was like 1% lol...
    i remember that getting a chaos was already a big thing. Bless were extremely rare while souls were more common ( so 2s = 1b = 10c at the time!)
    there were no events whatsoever so no devil square, no chaos castle, nothing.

    Excellent items were so rare it was embarassing (as exc drop rate was painfully low). The best armor you could get dropping for a DK was dragon+2+12...

    So my best memory of the time was obtaining my first bless farming poison bulls in the dungeon :D
    Quite the achievement!
    Then there was the big race to level 100 to start a guild. I was one of the first 20 who did and i was so proud of that! All my in game friends joined and we had a lot of fun..
    The 3rd one was getting a chaos weapon! Can you imagine how hard it was back then? Got a CDA+3 (no skill lol!) but it was awesome :)

    Share your stories!

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    Re: Best MU gaming memories (nostalgia thread!)

    Hi, nice to see you again here :)
    I've been admin more than player too, but i remmember times when Muonline comes to a live, with first ver (i forgot a number of them) but there was no M key, max map was LT 7 and yes, Dragon was the best set and Helical Sword/CDA. Who had a wings first level or have a Dragon Pet than when i see guy with this than say only "WOW"...
    I played on Maya server, always on 2nd subserver cause first was always full. I remember that was hard to make 50lvl with dw cause in this time i have no experience in this game.
    My best memory is making 40lvl in Dungeon in Ghosts and when i switch with my brother, cause he was want to try this game, than when he kill first Ghost that appear, what? Chaos :O

    Sorry for my bad English, cheers :)

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    Re: Best MU gaming memories (nostalgia thread!)

    Apocalypse MU Online, polish server, my 1st MU experience. It had a very nice and unique website, pure nostalgia.
    The server itself wasn't anything special, but it was my 1st time seeing and playing the game.

    Then Lockdown MU, my best memories is the Fire/Hell lorencia skin, with kanturu monsters walking around in Lorencia and dropping high level gear ^^ also the 'Daredevil' arena expansion was the coolest thing ever for item drops and for pvp.

    But my best MU memories are with Heroia MU, midgard and asgard server.
    There was something so magical about those highly customized servers. Heroia MU was the best damn thing for me.

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    Re: Best MU gaming memories (nostalgia thread!)

    cool stuff and nice thread.

    most nostalgia i had on net cafes in Cyprus when i was growing up :)

    Surely i remember on gaining every little zen when i just started out lorencia / devias that was amazing, and i still do when i play any low server :P
    then jewels!! when i see Chaos or Bless on the ground my heart was boom boom beating and was so grateful just to have it in my inventory or vault :D then tell it to my friends etc and do stuff.
    Oh what else.. what else... heart of loves, box of kunduns (killing goldens) and GM events were the best times in my MU Life.

    and then we go to hard stuff, when an exc item was droppped was amazing, then making first wings(weapon) then feather, then partying and going to other maps..
    so much stuff :)

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    Re: Best MU gaming memories (nostalgia thread!)

    Wigle people were plebs compared to us in Maya.

    First person to ever build a +7 was from Maya at that time. I remember when L7 was the end map. And I have to admit, it was an absolute nightmare spin attacking every mob. Until everyone knew about the window key trick to automatically attack.

    I played DK through and through. From Global to Local, and I never faltered my love for the class and this was pre-siege days. So no one absolutely had to think about buffers and stuff.

    But when class builds started to become a thing. I absolutely remember till this day, someone charges people in the Cafe that I play in to have an ELF and DK in your party to buff your character for an x amount of money every hour or you can agree to each other for every drop of jewels its owned by them in exchange for your character's level.

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    Re: Best MU gaming memories (nostalgia thread!)

    Remembering, Started Playing Mu online in Internet Cafe, there i saw it first time, server was MU TTS Latvian, We found some Box of Kundun Dup and were chilling:D, but it was so hard... we're paying a lot of money to play there 24/7, but it was very cool, 97D version is still best, but unfortunately New people don't like it.... as i see, it has some sort of feeling and i'm feeling it now hearing Lorencia Bar music ^_^

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    Re: Best MU gaming memories (nostalgia thread!)

    nice to see some old and familiar faces still around :D

    I quit playing mu times ago as I'd gotten too busy with life, family and all that, maybe i'll someday come and see the new stuff again :D

    anyway the old times were great, used to play at maya and later on wiggle at gmo, remember the feeling after tarkan update and getting my first black dragon gear, going through hell to upgrade it to +9, stupidly hard leveling up, which at the same time was rewarding as hell, not to mention making one of the first dragon wings of entire gmo

    later after i quit gmo and went to alliancemu, anyone remember that place? those were some great times...
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