Needing Developer help for MuEmu S8Ep3 Fixes

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    talk Needing Developer help for MuEmu S8Ep3 Fixes

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    I really love the released source for muemu s8ep3 and the following needed fix is lacking for it to be able to work into perfection:

    *Illusion Temple - not working
    *Protector of Acheron - Acheron Events - not working
    *Guild Alliance - not working
    *Demon and Angel Pet Buff - not working
    *Monster Mob Stun duration for lacleon and kanturu mobs - so long
    *Can't detach err-tel from pentagram
    *err tel stun to long
    *Nova Skill if added Mastery will not work - can't damage anyone.

    and some other refinements...

    I will be needing someone who could fix it and i am willing to pay, because i don't have time to fix this :) and got limited knowledge as well. Kindly PM me the price here or in my skype: jjaeicxc

    Thank You :)

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    Re: Needing Developer help for MuEmu S8Ep3 Fixes

    40% if config issue, anothers request a little coding knowledge.... just learn and make it yourself. Dont spend money for this when you can make it.