Displaying Proper credits on mucore

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    Displaying Proper credits on mucore

    Anyone know how to change these to display credits instead of goblin points

    $acc_monedas = mssql_fetch_row(mssql_query("SELECT * from CashShopData where AccountID = '$user_auth_id'"));
      echo '
     <div class="white-box">
        <ul class="acc-list">
          <li><span><img src="template/'.$core['config']['template'].'/images/cred.png"> Goblin Points:</span> '.$acc_monedas[3].'</li>
          <li><span><img src="template/'.$core['config']['template'].'/images/gold.png"> W Coin P:</span> '.$acc_monedas[2].'</li>
          <li><span><img src="template/'.$core['config']['template'].'/images/wcoins.png"> W Coins C:</span> '.$acc_monedas[1].'</li>
    I'm using MUcore, and I want it to pull the credits from MEMB_INFO

    EDIT: Nevermind I figured it out, for anyone that wants to know its this

    $acc_monedas = mssql_fetch_row(mssql_query("SELECT * from MEMB_CREDITS where memb___id = '$user_auth_id'"));
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