encrypt BMD files

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    encrypt BMD files

    Hi, they can help me. I am looking for some program to be able to encrypt files BMD, OZJ, OZT, which are especially SKINS, Designs that are not easy to do and many 3D Maker takes hours to do them. Someone who can help me to find or Recommend a program to be able to encrypt the BMD & TEXTURAS files.and use some programs like (The Enigma-Themida encripter) & (Molebox). I have seen many servers that their SKIN have it well packaged in Main. Others that have the BMD & TEXTURES files locked, can not persuade the pentium tools. I have no idea what program they used, but what is certain is that none is I wait for your prompt reply, excuse my English, thank you.

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    Re: encrypt BMD files

    well can u send the encrypted .BMD / textures first and then we weilll see how they are encrtyped? then we can figure out..