[Help] Problem creating muserver Season 3

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    shout [Help] Problem creating muserver Season 3

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    Hello there guys,

    Recently I was trying to create a muserver Season 3, for the first time in my life, I am new in this thing. I tried and I tried, but nothing, I always get stuck into the exact same problem. Everything looks fine, everything works but when I am trying to acces main, I do it, but when I pass the loading bar I have no Server Menu bar to log into my game account. So what's the problem here? I did everything right, I watched Karli's videos, I followed his tutorials, I've done everything right, but there's this problem...Can someone help me with my problem? Someone who can really help me? Not with advices and stuff, cause I saw hundreds advices and I tried to follow them, but without any results...Maybe if you guys have time to help me with some practice? I mean someone who can connect into my computer and show me how to do it, I really wanna learn this things. Thank you a lot, you have down there, a print with my problem.

    This is the problem: https://imgur.com/a/C3fOl

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    Re: [Help] Problem creating muserver Season 3

    "Learning" is trying to figure out stuff. Having someone do it for you is different. The problem here is 3 things all IP locations are not edited correctly. Second main.exe is not edited with the correct IP and last the ports are not portforwarded.