Do you know packet's encryption for Webzen Season 11

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    I work on Wireshark dissector in Lua for the MU Online protocol. I chose Lua because it can be modified without compilation. An encryption is performed by Crypto++ library and I used LuaWrapper for calling C++ functions from Lua.
    Do you know if MU packets are encrypted in the same way like in season 8 or 9?
    If the encryption steps are the same then I'm looking for CryptoManager keys for DES_XEX3 algorithm and XOR.
    If somebody will help me then I will release the Wireshark dissector in two or three months due to my limited time.
    It will be a beta version with a part of messages decoded and described. The MU protocol reverse engineering process is an extremely time-consuming. With this tool I will give you a chance to decode and describe the rest of messages. It is not possible to use this dissector to modify received messages and cheat.
    I hope that in the future somebody will use our work to prepare the gameserver for season 11 and above.


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    Re: Do you know packet's encryption for Webzen Season 11

    look here maybe it can help i make it work with zteam source a few time ago to make any main ex+ works without any change on main you need PacketTwister source that if you know how you can decompile from any released GS with pdb.