Most popular servers and server files and etc

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    Most popular servers and server files and etc

    Hi there everyone, i been absent from mu online for a good 4-6years and im thinking to start a server again.
    My questions are:
    1. What's the best/most popular season at the moment?
    2. Is it worth to buy legit files straight away or should i try my luck with free buged files lol.
    3. Is mu online still popular like back in a day?
    4. Witch server would be better, low rate, mid rate or high/max xp?
    5. Is it still profitable like back in a day?
    Thanks for your answers guys.

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    Re: Most popular servers and server files and etc

    1: Newer Seasons Like 10 and up are the most popular.
    2: Stable files you pay for. Free files are just files to test and get used to everything
    3: Not even close since it was released in 2003 and it's now 2017 and they are coming out with a new mu so yeah it's not as popular
    4: Max/Mid Rate are the most played.
    5:Why are you worrying about making money before you start? That's a terrible idea and the reason 90% servers fail cause they are money hungry.