Season 6 Ep3 Bugs? Or...?

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    talk Season 6 Ep3 Bugs? Or...?

    Hello there..
    Well my friend decide to create his own server but he doesnt know many things.
    So i want to help him.
    He set the server running but we have some problems.
    1st we dont have vault's. I realise that after he tried to fix shops and mob spots.
    2nd we also dont have chaos machines, socket npc and priest sevina.
    3rd /reset command is not working
    4th BOK from shops (after he put them in) doesnt drop any item
    5th we tried to create items as Admin chars but when it drops, we take it but cant use it, i tried to switch and relog into the game but the item disappeared

    All of these are some kind of update problems? or anything else?
    I would appreciate any solutions.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Season 6 Ep3 Bugs? Or...?

    1. Add the npc through monstersetbase.
    2. Samething add the npc through monster set base.
    3. Reset command must be enable SCF_Reset.ini or SCF_common.ini
    4. Items might have not been added to the BOK or they are BUGGED.
    5. Could be a wrong up try using a editor like mumaker and see if it works.

    These files seems buggy might wanna switch or try what i said.