[Release] Dark Glamor Remake (TanzaniteMU) WebEngine 1.2.0

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    [Release] Dark Glamor Remake (TanzaniteMU) WebEngine 1.2.0

    [Release] Dark Glamor Remake (TanzaniteMU) WebEngine 1.2.0
    Hello guys i want to share with you my (unique remake only for my server..) that was our deal with Fantoma to make template remake only for my server and to don't share or sell it cause charge was pretty enough... but one week later he started to sell it on his website and facebook page , so i decide to upload it for free because he is just scammer and a liar, he charged me a lot of money for remake of template which supposed to be only for me he was delay over 15 days with this work also the half modules in the template need additional config , so i just want to say he is not the right guy for deals ( i don't suggest him as professional worker he is just scammer who will sell his ... for 20,30$ ).
    Please if there is some designer who is real and not scam the people or lie them to text me. Thanks

    Enjoy , ALL THE BEST!

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    Re: [Release] Dark Glamor Remake (TanzaniteMU) WebEngine 1.2.0

    The thing with fantoma (i worked with him many times) that he delays, a lot.
    when you give him a work, u need to tell them that he have XX days to finish the job, if files didn't got delivered till that timestamp so u will make a paypal report without even alerting him.
    you can contact me for design services & web developing.