[Release] Server Files Louis Season 4 Update 4 [TSM FirePremium]

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    Re: [Release] Server Files Louis Season 4 Update 4 [TSM FirePremium]

    [Release] Server Files Louis Season 4 Update 4 [TSM FirePremium]
    Quote Originally Posted by muonlinegr2 View Post

    Max User Conect 200
    Max Custom Static Effect 1000
    Max Custom Dynamic Effect 1000
    Max Custom Wings fifty
    Custom Rank User Title YES
    Items +15 YES
    SetVip command YES
    Combine Clean Inv YES
    Marry Command YES
    Command Open baú YES
    Command Mudar Classe YES
    Command Info YES
    Ban char command YES
    Ban Acc Command YES
    Command Open event YES
    Command MakeSet (Novo) YES
    Drop Command (Novo) YES
    Command Top (Novo) YES
    Present Command (Novo) YES
    Sorteio Online YES
    Custom Moves YES
    Custom Summon YES
    Custom Quests (Novo) YES
    Bots Buffer YES
    Event Rei do MU reformulated (Novo) YES
    Event Roleta Russa (Novo) YES
    Event Pega Pega YES
    Event Hide Hiding YES
    Veloz Event YES
    HP Bonus System YES
    Die Message System YES
    Online User Message YES
    Online GM Message YES
    Disable Exp Message YES
    Disable Recuo da Skill YES
    Tempo no command / store (Novo) YES
    Tempo no command / attack YES
    Special encryption YES
    Necessário Autenticação YES
    Funções especiais no GS YES
    Fix stir treat (BC, DS, IT, CC) YES
    Fix Max skill power do BOT buffer YES
    Fix Duel Level minimum YES
    Fix Dataserver Inject YES
    Fix / store Crash client YES
    Fix Custom Jewel of Socket * YES
    Fix Remover Zen no Reset Tabelado YES
    Fix Elf / attack YES
    Disable Handle Mix (DL, SU) (Novo) YES
    Disable DL, SU no Client (Novo) YES

    Mu Server
    https://mega.nz/#!awUSmCQS!DRyqqtxRm...EKPKffPc2D8Tvs VirusTotal Scan


    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7T...x0TzVrazQ/view VirusTotal Scan

    https://mega.nz/#!24cFhDCS!P3bF4uFme...iSRIe5YsAlSzfQ VirusTotal Scan

    If someone is interested in creating new updates and to release Free 100% i find one problem
    1.not work custom bow skill

    Sources files Luis emulador
    //ChangeLog MuEmu by louis
    //Muserver Season 4,6,8
    JANUARY 2017
    - Add CustomMove
    - Add Rei do MU Event
    - Fix CustomJewel in Main
    - Active MHP
    FEBRUARY 2017
    - Add HpBonus System
    - Add Kill Message System
    - Add MessageBox Yes/No on Close Gameserver
    - Add MasterSkillTree Reset
    - Fix Duel DC (s8)
    - Fix Pentagram jewel(remove before put in ware) (s8)
    MARCH 2017
    - Fix Duel Trade (s8)
    - Add Main Memory reduction
    - Add Guard CustomMessage
    - Add Colunn Score_semanal in RankingDevilSquare
    - Add Colunn Score_semanal in RankingBloodCastle
    - Add Colunn Score_semanal in RankingChaos Castle
    - Add Colunn Score_semanal in RankingIllusionTemple
    - Add Colunn WinScore_semanal in RankingDuel
    - Add in DataServer update semanal colls
    APRIL 2017
    - Add BotBuffer System
    - Add SD/HD bar in Character (S4/S6)
    - Add Command Clear Inventory
    - Active Encrypt in Client/Server.
    - Fix Friend Message Title Inject (DataServer)
    MAY 2017
    - Add OpenWare Command
    - Add SetVip Command
    - Add Marry System
    - Change HP/SD Bar Interface
    - Fix BotBuffer Power
    - Fix Store Dupe
    - Fix Duel MinLevel
    JUNE 2017
    - Add Reload Command
    - Add Reward Command
    - Add ChangeClass Command
    - Add OnlineLottery Event
    - Add Disconnect User in GameServer Menu
    - Add Start OnlineLoterry GameServer Menu
    - Add OffStore and OffAttack count in GameServer Title Bar
    JULY 2017 UPDATE 2
    - Add Itens Level +15 (Season 4)
    - Add Info Command
    - Add Change Name Command
    - Add BanAcc Command
    - Add BanChar Command
    - Add DynamicEffect in Main (S4/S6/S8)
    - Add Max Use Time in Attack command
    - Add Option to disable Online User/GM Message
    - Add Event Hide and Seek
    - Add Event Run and Catch
    - Add option to disable exp message on kill mob
    - Change MaxCustom Wings to 100
    - Fix Money remove when use ResetTable system.
    - Fix Socket jewel aplly in no socket item
    - Fix CustomEffect problems in Main.dll
    - Fix remove BC,DS,IT invite
    - Fix Skill elf on /attack
    - Fix Clear Effects on change class
    - Fix /store bless Crash (Season 6)
    - Add Custom Summon on Kill Mob
    - Evento Veloz
    - /openevent /join
    - Disable/Enable Skill Effect (Ex:Cyclone)
    - Add Custom exp on Offattack and Autoreset
    AUGUST 2017 UPDATE 3
    - Add MakeSet Command
    - Add Drop Command
    - Option to Remove Offstore/offattack in OnlineLottery
    - Jewel of socket Aply in pentagram (Season8)
    - ADD gift command
    - Add Custom Quest System
    - Add Russian Roulette Event
    - Add Max Use Time in Store command
    - New King of Mu Event
    - Add Reward Coins in BC,DS,CC
    - add /toprr /topmr etc
    - Somente gm fazer o casamento
    - Disable Wing Mix Class
    - Remove Class in Main (RF,SU,DL)
    - Custom Auto Quiz Event
    - Need ticket to change name Option (S6/S8)
    - Custom WingMix (Chaos Mix)
    - Custom Death Message
    - Custom Npc Collector (trade items per Coins)
    - Readd point command
    - Advanced Make itens (/make, /drop, /makeset)
    - Custom Rank User System (S4,S6)
    - Disable HP Bar of Monster or User Option
    - Updated JoinServer to fix dupes
    - Allow Pk enter in events (BC,CC,DS)


    the files already compiled sir ? if not can i request season 6 already compiled thank you

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    Re: [Release] Server Files Louis Season 4 Update 4 [TSM FirePremium]

    Would someone reupload the client ? I would be grateful.

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    Re: [Release] Server Files Louis Season 4 Update 4 [TSM FirePremium]

    Quote Originally Posted by sounddivision View Post
    Would someone reupload the client ? I would be grateful.

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