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    [ Rz Mu Release Center ]

    [ Rz Mu Release Center ]

    Last Update: June 8 - 2008

    This was a lot of work, so we (mods) expect everyone to respect it and use it.

    Users that request or ask in help section for something that is already in this stickie will be warned or infracted, we want you (all users) to use SEARCH before posting or requesting for help.

    Mu Mods Working for a Better RZ :mrgreen:

    Server Files, Repacks, GameServers, Other files.

    Connectservers etc.
    Server & DB Fixes, Gs, and Patches

    Client Files
    Client Patches, translations and Improvements

    General Fixes and How to's

    Shops, MonsterSetBases and other Config Files

    Website Packages
    Websites Addons or standalone stuff


    SQL Queries, Fixes, etc

    Download Centers

    Source Codes, coding guides and programs
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    Re: [ Rz Mu Release Center ]

    Server Files, Repacks, GameServers, Other files. All links working (last checked 8th of June 2008)

    [Release] [10/25] 1.02.11 (k) repacked server
    [Release] [DARKLINE] Repack of 99.96+99.88 [1.02n]
    [Release] 0.97+99i Server Files (Update of bagadzena's server files)
    [Release] 97+1.01e Server Files + Client
    [Release] 97d+99i serverfiles (2 update of bagadzena's files)
    [Release] 99.96+99.88 [N+M] REPACK + some fixes
    [Release] 99b+ Kalima&ChaosCastle
    [Release] 1.00.16 MultiProtocol CzF Server
    [Release] 1.00.16 ServerRepack+ Fixes and options+fix clientpatch[7/28/07 | 5:10 PM]
    [Release] 1.00.16 ServerRepack+ Fixes+options+fix clientpatch [7/30/07 | 11:35 AM]
    [Release] 1.0M 100% Works
    [Release] 1.02D+3d camera
    [Release] 1.02K FNRServer
    [Release] 1.02N+S2+S3
    [Release] 1.02N full + custom
    [Release] 1.02n Repack Katedral Server
    [Release] 1.02Q Server - ForeverDark
    [Release] 1.02Q server files
    [Release] 1.02QServerfiles (Unpacked GS)
    [Release] 1.03G+ [Season2][90%Finished]
    [Release] 1.03n MuServer + Season 2 + SubServer
    [Release] CzF 0.99.96 Low Cpu Usage + Translation
    [Release] CzF MuServer 99.96
    [Release] CzF Season I 100% bugless Without Personal ID 2kDB
    [Release] Czt MuServer v1.0 : Outpost Hope|S1+S2 Custom|98% Bugless
    [Release] Darkav's 97d+99 Item Server Files
    [Release] DarkSide 97Y+ Server [Glow change + function offsets]
    [Release] Dboyz 1.2Q+ Final | Castle Siege | Czt Customizations|Router+Non-Router
    [Release] Dboyz 1.2Q MuOnline Server Repack+Full Client|Router Support|Full Guide|
    [Release] FHX Public S3 EP1 Files
    [Release] FNR 28/01/2007 1.02N Server Files
    [Release] FriendzMu Server Files 1.01e + CzF DB BAKS + GUIDE
    [Release] Frienz 1.01e MuServer Repack by DarkMaster|Non-Router Support
    [Release] Full 0.99.6XT Server
    [Release] Full Season 1 (1.00.08) Bug Free with CzF Customizations
    [Release] Fully work 1.04D Repack
    [Release]Fully working 0.97d+99 files (client, main, server files, launcher builder)
    [Release] HASTE Season 2 Server Files
    [Release] KG.FinallyMuserver - Kanturu Event Works
    [Release] LordzMu ServerFile v1.4
    [Release] Luciano aibar betas [34]
    [Release] Luciano Beta 39 + season3 wings chaos mix
    [Release] MU Alliance CT 1.00.16 + 3D Camera Client [1.02m]
    [Release] MU Alliace CT 1.00L Server Files + Clients Fixes
    [Release] MuCyprus Server Files
    [Release] MuServer 0.99.62T ALL FIXES AND NO CRASH
    [Release] Muserver 97d+99
    [Release] MuServer 97d99i 100% Working
    [Release] MuServer 0.97z+1.03+S1+S2+S3 100% Work
    [Release] MuServer 0.97z+Seson 1+2+3 - Made By Disconnect -
    [Release] MuServer 1.00.08 CzF + New Anty AFK System [25/09/2007]
    [Release] Muserver 1.00.16(cracked GS) found in china
    [Release] MuServer GS 1.00.16 beta 37 [LucianoAibar] [FULL SERVER FILES][+NEW FIX]
    [Release] Muserver 1.00.16 Season3 TEST
    [Release] MUServer 1.03C [0.99.87 + 0.99.96]
    [Release] MuServer 1.02i + fix MMU_Team
    [Release] MuServer 1.02N+S2 30/6
    [Release] Muserver 1.04H (Luciano repack + New functions) Beta 1 (UniworlD-TeaM)
    [Release] MuServer CzF 1.02d Server Files
    [Release] MuServer KG GS-1.00.18 and GSCS-1.00.19
    [Release] MuServer Luciano BETA 41.1 + Sky Event Custom Event + S3 Mix Wings - Quest
    [Release] MuServer S3 E1 by Endi
    [Release] MuServer S3 E1 by Endi and Repacked by EnnzO
    [Release] MuServer Season 3 Episode 2
    [Release] MuTexas server files 1.00L(99% bug free)
    [Release] MX1.00.16
    [Release] MX 1.0D server + cliente Files (in dev)
    [Release] Njord and Arianna's 1.00.16 Pack
    [Release] Old Endi serverfiles 3rd wing+quest
    [Release] Repack Server Kanturu Event
    [Release] SCF 1.00.16 Fixed [04/10 6:09am]
    [Release] SCF 1.00.16 Fixed [06/10]
    [Release] SCFMT EP2 Server Files rev.5.10.02 [CRACKED]
    [Release] SCFMT EP2 Server Files + Buglist + fixes (Repack)
    [Release] Season1 + CryWolf [1.00.08] Server files + Customs + Stable + New Commands
    [Release] Server 0.99.6XT Kantru, +28, CS, New Log, Alliance Chat
    [Release] Server Files 99.60/62 (1.0m) + Client Patch
    [Release] Server Files 97J Modded by me and -sIN-
    [Release] Server Files 1.03 using 2 dbs
    [Release] Silver Iulian's 97D Server Files
    [Release] Stormwind Mu Server Files + Client (0.97d+0.99i)
    [Release] TrustTeam_GameServer 1.00.18 + All Option and Command
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    Re: [ Rz Mu Release Center ]

    Connectservers etc.: All links working (last checked 8th of June 2008)

    [Release] 99% English Joinserver.exe
    [Release] Alternative Join and Connect servers
    [Release] AuthenticationServer (and WzAg crack source)C++
    [Release] Chat Server 1.1
    [Release] ConnectServer - Beta by DarkTeam
    [Release] Connect Server for 1.02k
    [Release] CS CLEAN (VER.0.99.6XT)
    [Release] DS FOR 80+ PATCH (no overflow box)
    [Release] exdb without overflow items
    [Release] Hack Log Server
    [Release] MU ConnectServer_v1.0.4.36 by BoR Team
    [Release] New ConnectServer For v1.00* and v1.02*
    [Release] New CS For Sub-Servers
    [Release] WebZen ConnetServer With choice Port Options

    Server & DB Fixes, Gs, and Patches All links working (last checked 8th of June 2008)

    [Release] [03.19] [0.99.88T + 0.99.96] Server Patch
    [Release] [99.88T+99.96] GS + MyGSFun.dll + GS_CS (KOR Protocols)
    [Release] [FIX]1.00.08GS Full S1 - Personal ID code not needed.
    [Release] 99B+ max level 1000
    [Release] 1.00.16 GS+GS_CS+client patch [8/07/07]
    [Release] 1.00.16 GS GS_CS Full 100% Kor Protocol [UPDATED 07/24/07 | 12:30 AM]
    [Release] 1.00.16 WZ GS
    [Release] 1.02L Gs Unpacked
    [Release] 1.00.16LucianoBeta39 gameserver.idb
    [Release] 1.00.16 Mkey Fix Client and Serverside
    [Release] 1.00.16 Patch+3D
    [Release] 1.01e GameServer (Semi english)
    [Release] 1.02N Client/Server English Patch
    [Release] 2DB for Version 1.02j, 1.02k Tested
    [Release] adding to +28 option [1.00.08] GS-CS
    [Release] Change amount of Monsters in 97d
    [Release] CzF.dll (without popup) CzF.dll was sucesfully loaded
    [Release] CzF GameServer 99.96 Serial 0 Error Fix
    [Release] Czt 1.2Q+ Patch|Server and Client Fixes+Upgrades
    [Release] Czt Update Patch v1.3 by Milamber
    [Release] GameServer
    [Release] GameServer 1.00.18 Normal gs +pdb+map
    [Release] GameServer KG.1.02.20 (1.00.18) + GS_CS
    [Release] Gameservers ver.KG1.02.22V(1.00.18)-Q-B
    [Release] GS 1.00.18 By L0RD
    [Release] GS for Luciano 39 Files Pk ,Potion,Drop,Party Zen, CHAOS CASTLE FIX
    [Release] Item(kor).txt + Monster.txt for kor 1.03M+ main
    [Release] Jevel Prices for 99b+
    [Release] Luciano`s 1.00.16 gameserver.dll
    [Release] New Gameserver 0.99.99 Vtm Normal GS
    [Release] SCF Gameserver 1.00.16 Fixed & Updated
    [Release] Translated MyGSFun dll for 88T+96 Full Server
    [Release] Translated Cs Port Changer :P
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    Re: [ Rz Mu Release Center ]

    Client Files: All links working (last checked 8th of June 2008)

    [Release] 0.97D (0.97.04) Client
    [Release] 97J+ Client With New Mobs And New Worlds
    [Release] 1.02Full Client
    [Release] 1.02K (1.02.11) Client
    [Release] 1.02K Client + 3D Camera
    [Release] 1.04J Client S3 EP1 for luciano aibar server files
    [Release] 1.04q client work on 1.04h server| gameguard by passed
    [Release] ClientExeVersion=1.04.10
    [Release] full english 1.02d client no bugs+launcher
    [Release] Full client 1.02Q(99.88+99.96)
    [Release] Full client 3D 1.02Q-R(99.88+99.96)
    [Release] Full client 3D 1.02Q-R(99.88+99.96)
    [Release] Japanese Client From 1.00.18 Server
    [Release] S3E2 Client JPN

    Mains: All links working (last checked 8th of June 2008)

    [Release] [05/26] [Kor] 1.03M+ Main Patch
    [Release] 1.01E Main Bugs Fixed
    [Release] 1.02f SEASON2 VTM main.exe & client patch for 99.96
    [Release] 1.03Y Main - Popup fix + F11 popup Fix
    [Release] 1.04C+ Crack Main By OMEGA
    [Release] 1.04E+ Main cracked
    [Release] 1.04K Main
    [Release] 1.04L Main
    [Release] 1.04P Main
    [Release] 1.04O Main
    [Release] 1.04Q Main (Not Test)
    [Release] 1.04x main test cracked by SCF MT
    [Release] 1.04y main & maintest cracked by SCF MT
    [Release] 3d camera main?
    [Release] 3D Main For 1.02N
    [Release] Cracker Main 1.03P+ and Guide
    [Release] Main [1.03V+][Kor]
    [Release] Main 1.02d vmt by czf+Translated folder local
    [Release] Main 1.02K fix
    [Release] Main 1.03Z+ - Last
    [Release] Main 1.04B+ Crack by LandOfPhi
    [Release] Main 1.04d Kor 3D season 3 support
    [Release] Main 1.04N cracked
    [Release] Main 1.04F+ Cracked
    [Release] Main 1.04f cracked
    [Release] Main 1.04J Cracked
    [Release] Main 1.04k+ Cracked
    [Release] Main 1.04L+ Cracked
    [Release] Main 1.04L Fix
    [Release] main 1.04P fixer skil bug
    [Release] Main 1.04R KOR - Cracked
    [Release] Main 1.04S cracked
    [Release] Main 1.04T Only Cracked :)
    [Release] Main 1.04u + minimap + local folder
    [Release] Main 1.04w - Cracked
    [Release] Main 1.04x +minimap
    [Release] Main 3D for 1.02N Working
    [Release] Mains.exe for ver. 97d + 99
    [Release] Main Change Camera (Need to be Cracked)
    [Release] New Main 1.04l By Kayorobson.
    [Release] Ultimate Main Season 3 Episode 2 1.04x by ZergNM (UPDATE 1)
    [Release] Ultimate Main - 3D Cam + SKY + Glow [UPDATE 2 09/04/08]
    [Release] Unpacked 1.02A+ 9C main.exe
    [Release] Unpacked Main 1.02Q, Original Serial+Version, Popup Deleted
    [Release] Unpacked Main 1.02K, Serial+Version no Popup
    [Release] Unpacked frienzmu main (1.03n)

    Launchers All links working (last checked 8th of June 2008)

    [Release] 1.02D Launcher + IP Changer
    [Release] Another Mu Launcher
    [Release] Dark Team 1.0D Launcher
    [Release] Full English MX Launcher!
    [Release] Launcher_v1.9.4.9

    [Release] Launcher draw (make a launcher in less than 2 min)
    [Release] Launcher MuOnline
    [Release] Launcher Server MU
    [Release] LauncherXP beta version (1.3.0)
    [Release] MuLauncher 1.0 By Silver Iulian
    [Release] MxLauncher 3.0 By Silver Iulian
    [Release] MuLauncher 2.0 By Silver Iulian
    [Release] MuLauncher with 3 Languages to configure in INI and other options
    [Release] MuOnline Launcher v0.1b
    [Release] Mutoolz MX launcher Skin
    [Release] NEW Launcher by Krims
    [Release] New Launcher Season 3 Summoner
    [Release] New Mu Launcher+AutoUpdate+GUIDE(VIDEO)
    [Release] New MuOnline Launcher, by Disconnect
    [Release] New Skin in Launcher Builder + Guide!
    [Release] Noob Launcher
    [Release] Rajakk's MU Launcher 1.0
    [Release] RAZcrack Mu Launcher version 3 Final
    [Release] rolex launcher 2008 w/ auto-update skins!
    [Release] Simple C++ launcher
    [Release] Simple launcher for any client
    [Release] Simple Launcher skin
    [Release] Simple MuOnline Launcher ( C++ Source )
    [Release] Simplest Launcher Ever Made
    [Release] Sky TM Launcher Skin
    [Release] Skyteam Launcher builder
    [Release] Spiff's Launcher [Works in 1.02d] + Source
    [Release] Webzen Launcher in your server
    [Release] Windowed Mu Launcher
    [Release] XLauncher 3

    Client Patches, translations and Improvements: All links working (last checked 9th of June 2008)

    [Release] -M-key fixed for 1.04j-100%work
    [Release] [1.00.16] message_Kor.wtf full fixed 1.04D Full Translation]
    [Release] [Item.Bmd][FULL Translated Working][1.03Y+]
    [Release] 0.97 Client Translation To Russian Language v1.5
    [Release] 0.99B+ Slide.BMD
    [Release] 1.0L message_chs.wtf
    [Release] 1.02d message_chs.wtf full translation+M commands working+all commands
    [Release] 1.02d Working all moves in M and /move
    [Release] 1.02Q server side message_chs.wtf
    [Release] 1.04L Client translations
    [Release] 100% English Text.bmd For 1.02D,1.02E.1.02I
    [Release] 100% English text to 101e+
    [Release] 88T+96 Item(kor) Full English + Guide
    [Release] AntiLagg V3!
    [Release] AntiLagg V7 (season3 ep2 capable)
    [Release] Client text.bmd
    [Release] Correct ITEM.BMD For Luciano Aibar MuServer Beta 39
    [Release] CzF/Hastemu fixed 100%Eng. message.wtf 99.9X-1.00.08 GS
    [Release] English Item.bmd Itemtest.bmd 1.02Q Server Season 2
    [Release] English Skill.bmd for 1.04H (Season 3, luciano files)
    [Release] English skilltest.bmd for 1.04K\1.04L Client(New Season3 Skill System)
    [Release] Files in english for client of goe server and others
    [Release] Fix 1.4L/K Nr 1 Itemtest.bmd and Items.txt
    [Release] Fixed Translated Gate.txt Gate.bmd
    [Release] French client translate (97D + 99)
    [Release] Gate.bmd 99b all map 5 24 30 31 33 34
    [Release] Good Item.bmd for luciano B39,40,41 (client 1.04h)
    [Release] Illusion Temple Event Translated
    [Release] Interface in english for Luciano Aibar BETA 40, 41 ...
    [Release] Item.bmd with Summoner armors+wings 100% working [1.04x]
    [Release] ItemSetOption.bmd - English (1.03Y+)
    [Release] Itemtest.bmd 1.04L Full Eng Fix | Items.txt Fix Luciano MuServer
    [Release] Jpn1.02s Client Eng patch (from 1.00.18Server)
    [Release] Jewel of Harmony Option Translated (1.04d)
    [Release] Local Folder 100% Spanish MiniMap - Version 1.04w
    [Release] Local Season3 Full Translated
    [Release] LG .99a-z Launcher
    [Release] M-Patch [Self Music Addon] [For Those Who Are Tired of The Old Music]
    [Release] MoveReg(Kor).txt and Movereq.bmd for season 3 map
    [Release] Moves Gates Elbeland Episode 2
    [Release] mu.dll verdion 1.04 no virus
    [Release] MU Client Resolution
    [Release] MuOnline Christmas Patch 0.1
    [Release] MuOnline Christmas Patch 0.2
    [Release] MuOnline Patch 0.2 (For All Versions)
    [Release] Patch 1.02z & 1.03o
    [Release] Patch v0.99b+ (English)
    [Release] Patch of Levels of Items Version 1.04d
    [Release] quest.bmd and dialog.bmd season3 full translate
    [Release] QWEST WORK: Luciano_BETA 41.1_+_Holy_Update_8
    [Release] Russian Translation
    [Release] Spanish Text.bmd for 1.04L Clients (UpDate 11/12)
    [Release] Text.bmd Fixed PK BUG (1.0H for 99.62)
    [Release] Text.bmd for 1.03+ Client Translated 100%
    [Release] Transleted Local folder for 1.00.16 no PK problem !!!
    [Release] Wtf for server 99b-z all commands works
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    Re: [ Rz Mu Release Center ]

    Maps: All links working (last checked 8th of June 2008)

    [Release] 1.04X patch new monster map
    [Release] 31World=Lord Battle Map
    [Release] Aida map for 97J server!
    [Release] Arena3 client and server files
    [Release] Beta Working World25 -31 -32 on 97server
    [Release] Bigger Arena/Stadium map
    [Release] Bigger Stadium (Desert)
    [Release] CzF DLL Add new maps.
    [Release] Editing [All User can enter in Dragon Tower]
    [Release] Elbeland Server Att File
    [Release] OZT missing file for silent map
    [Release] Move Full MAP 100%(Update for Server CLient)
    [Release] New Maps, Aida/Kantru/Kundun(maybe crywolf)/And More!
    [Release] Silent Map Patch{CLIENT SIDED}

    General Fixes and How to's: All links working (last checked 9th of June 2008)

    [Release] [88T+96] Multi Vault Problem Fix
    [Release] 1.02D fixed Ancient Set Codes
    [Release] 1.02N BC 6 Entrance Limit Deletion
    [Release] 1.04h Map Fix !!! 100%
    [Release] Advance Disconnect Fix
    [Release] Bronze Armor bug and more...
    [Release] Castle Siege pop up error on 2 db for 99.62t fixed
    [Release] Chaos Castle Client Fix
    [Release] fix database for 1.01e
    [Release] Fix EvilSpirit Posion Scrolls bad lvl to drop in 99.88T GS
    [Release] Fix JOL start lvl to drop
    [Release] Fix multiple vault bug
    [Release] FrienzMu1.01E Fix Pk BuG
    [Release] GS_CS_1.00.16 CzF Fixed Already Runing!
    [Release] GS for Luciano Files Pk Bug FIXED
    [Release] Hero Status Quest [Again]
    [Release] How Chaos Castle working in CT99b
    [Release] How to make cage doors in LostTown work
    [Release] Latest MX1.0 update move to all maps fix
    [Release] Mu running in linux...
    [Release] Negative Money Fix
    [Release] New Set Item All (Server Client)
    [Release] Server and Main 0.97d+99items modified for 1000lvl
    [Release] Solving textures problem [UPDATE 2] support all mains <= S3Ep1
    [Release] Some Important Inf About 1.02N
    [Release] The move shortcut,the Movereq command fixed
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    Re: [ Rz Mu Release Center ]

    Shops, MonsterSetBases and other Config Files: All links working (last checked 8th of June 2008)

    [Release] [05/25] patch : correct mapserverinfo.dat setting
    [Release] [CMT] [Monstersetbase] For 99.62T
    [Release] [DWT]Season III Item(Kor) Beta
    [Release] [S3 Patch][Server Side]
    [Release] 1.00.16 message_kor full english
    [Release] 1.02d English MonsterSetBase
    [Release] 1.02k Eventitembags by zeratos
    [Release] 99b+ message_chs.wtf
    [Release] 100% English Item(kor)/(chs).txt (99.88-99.66)
    [Release] All can wear all and all weapons are 1 handed
    [Release] AntiLag's MonsterSetBase+ Monster HP
    [Release] Auto restart CS (Connection Server)
    [Release] Awesome MonsterSetBase for 97d+99
    [Release] Best Monster.txt MonsterSetBase.txt
    [Release] Better Monster + MonsterSetBase + Shop + Eventitembag
    [Release] Cool shop.txt for 1.02d
    [Release] Crystal Web|Repack|+FIX
    [Release] Cry wolf+new spot maps.
    [Release] Drop from BOK1-5, for 1.1e
    [Release] Different eventitembags+character modifications
    [Release] Drops for Chocolate Boxes and Ribbons
    [Release] Event Item Bag 21-29
    [Release] eventitembags
    [Release] EventItemBag Support Over Index 32
    [Release] Eventitembag12.txt with 102 itens
    [Release] eventitembags for Season 1
    [Release] FalloutMU Old Shop
    [Release] Files translated to English 1.02N(goe~'s) and other 1.02~
    [Release] Gates for 0.97J
    [Release] Good Eventitembag .
    [Release] IPChanger
    [Release] Item(kor).txt of DragonMU Items without ERROR!
    [Release] Item Bag &amp; Shop Editor
    [Release] Kalima v2.0 ( a.k.a Patagonia)
    [Release] MSB,Monster,Eventitembags,shops - 1.0L
    [Release] Many useful spots!
    [Release] Message_Kor Season II
    [Release] Monster.txt
    [Release] Monster.txt MonsterSetBase.txt 99.6XT
    [Release] Monster/MonsterSetBase S2
    [Release] Monster/npc set base
    [Release] MonsterBase, Monster and Shop For 0.97+0.99
    [Release] Monster Monstersetbase 1.01e
    [Release] MonsterSetBase
    [Release] MonsterSetBase
    [Release] MonsterSetBase (*Any 97 ver)
    [Release] MonsterSetBase.txt for 1.02d it is PACKED
    [Release] MonsterSetBase 1.00n Full Details
    [Release] MonsterSetBase 1.02 FULL
    [Release] MonsterSetBase and Monster 1.02.14
    [Release] MonsterSetBase for 97d+99
    [Release] MonsterSetBase For 97&amp;Ncaron;
    [Release] MonsterSetBase For 99.62T
    [Release] Monstersetbase for 99.62T
    [Release] MosterSetbase for 99.62T Whit hotspots
    [Release] MonsterSetBase for Season 1
    [Release] Monstersetbase+Shops for 99.62(cs)+99.65+Costum[1.02k]
    [Release] Monster_and_MonsterSetBase for Noobs and Pros
    [Release] Monsters.txt and Monstersetbase.txt for 1.02J
    [Release] MoveReg(Kor).txt for season 3 map
    [Release] MoveReq Season 3 Episode 2
    [Release] Mu Global Shop Files
    [Release] MuOnline Fantasy Edits v6.0 Final
    [Release] MuOnline Fantasy High-Rate Edits v7.0 Beta 3
    [Release] MuOnline Fantasy Low/Medium/High-Rate Edits
    [Release] MyGSFun.dll Spanish Eng 1.02N 28/04 Goe Pack / Golden Invasion Msg Works!
    [Release] MyGSFun and CTGSSet 100% English
    [Release] My custom Box Of Kundum drops
    [Release] MX 1.02i translated M (move) comands. works!!!
    [Release] ok 99% english of the gate.txt file translated by me!!
    [Release] NEW BK's ORB for v99b+/99f/99h
    [Release] New configurations for CT099B+ servers
    [Release] New options in commonserver!! (0.99.60T/0.99.62T)
    [Release] packt monstersetbase for 99.6x
    [Release] Perfect Boks BAg
    [Release] Perfect Eventitembag ! :P
    [Release] Perfect eventitembag for bok+1...+5 in 1.02k server
    [Release] Perfect Monster+MonsterSetBAse 1.00.16
    [Release] Pro server shops made for 99.6X
    [Release] Season 1%2 Shops Made By Me JeaN
    [Release] Shops modified with 99b items
    [Release] Silver Iulian MonsterSetBase 1.0M
    [Release] Small list of Eventitembags
    [Release] Some map34 NPC Spawn - MXMU
    [Release] Spawns for 1.1e
    [Release] The Perfect Evenitembags for 97d+99
    [Release] The Perfect Shops and more :)
    [Release] Transelated Quest(kor).txt file
    [Release] Translated Move Menu For 1.02D
    [Release] warp New maps End criolfw Temple
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    Website packages:
    [Release] [DWT] Site ver 1.1(beta)
    [Release] (S-y) Advanced MuOnline WebShop [v0.2]
    [Release] (S-y) Advanced MuOnline WebShop [v0.3] [22/06]
    [Release] (S-y) Advanced MuOnline WebShop [0.4] [23/06]
    [Release] (S-y) Advanced MuOnline WebShop [0.4] [23/06]95% rus
    [Release] (S-y) Advanced MuOnline WebShop [0.6] Final
    [Release] (S-y) Advanced MuOnline WebShop [0.7]
    [Release] (S-y) Advanced MuOnline WebShop [0.8] [05/12]
    [Release] (S-y) Advanced MuOnline WebShop [0.9b] [02/03/08] - Updated [09/03]
    [Release] |-WwW-Alfa-4-|
    [Release] - MU WEB AIDA | FIUZ | RESKIN + DESIGN V.01
    [Release] AnHiMiLaToR's MU Web v0.4 =&gt; UPDATED
    [Release] Another full PHP website package
    [Release] Asafchik Web (For 0.99.62T)
    [Release] BCooL Web
    [Release] Beeboo MU Web v2.2
    [Release] Black Team Web 0.1
    [Release] Black Team Web v0.2 (updated from v0.1)
    [Release] BlackTeam Web v0.3
    [Release] Break Network Web Template
    [Release] CrY WolF WeB By NikeR
    [Release] CrYsTaL WeB
    [Release] Crystal Web [Update]
    [Release] CzF Team Web v0.4
    [Release] DM Web v0.2 by me Fantazy
    [Release] Damage Web
    [Release] DarkS Web [Update]
    [Release]Dark Style Web Syte 4.0
    [Release] Devil TeaM Web v0.5 By me Fantazy
    [Release] Devil TeaM Web v0.6 By me Fantazy
    [Release] Devil_TeaM MuWeb
    [Release] DmgTeam MuSite V 1.0
    [Release] Dragon-Team web 1.4 with MD5 &amp; NORMAL
    [Release] Dragon-Team web 1.5 for 2DB and 5DB
    [Release] EvoWeb 0.4 (md5-on/off)
    [Release] Extra Web v0.1 md5 on/off SEE
    [Release] FCV TEmplate[2] + MuWeb + DestructiO GM Panel
    [Release] Fantomas Web
    [Release] FoxWeb v1.5 (MD5) (Complete WebSite)
    [Release] FrogMu Webpackage 2.0 beta!
    [Release] Full RC site Asp With Admin And Vips Admin
    [Release] G-m-X Mu Web v 0.1
    [Release] Global WebPage by Lavinelu (for 99.62)
    [Release] GlobalWebpage
    [Release] GlobalWebpagev1.9
    [Release] Grand Web
    [Release] High-Mu WebPage 0.3A
    [Release] InfernoWeb + Mode Vip + Video Guide
    [Release] InfernoWeb + Mode Vip The EN Version
    [Release] InfernoWeb - Fix 100% By BladeNetworks
    [Release] Jonh_d MuToolz PHPNuke and more!!
    [Release] K N T Mu Web Page v0.2 MD5 on/off
    [Release] Lavinelu's page for 0.99.6XT MD5 support
    [Release] LiteMU webpack v1.5 pre-release
    [Release] Lord Web 0.1
    [Release] MINI MuWeb 0.8
    [Release] MUWEB + MG and DL Reset point config
    [Release] MU Webpage Template (for a personal site)
    [Release] MUpnkZ Webpage
    [Release] MU server website (cool design)
    [Release] Mini Mu Web+phpbb Forum(Devil TeaM)
    [Release] Mu-Online webpage v2
    [Release] MuOnline Silver WebPage for 1.00n
    [Release] MuOnline Website 99%eng
    [Release] MuPersia+MuWeb
    [Release] MuPortal - Advanced Mu Portal System
    [Release] MuPortal 1.0
    [Release] Mu ProWeb 0.1
    [Release] Mu ProWeb 0.2
    [Release] MuSiteScripts Global v0.5b
    [Release] Mutoolz Web 2.1E Release 3
    [Release] Mutoolz Lite (2.2) Beta2 [UPDATE]
    [Release] Mutoolz 2.3 Lite (md5) REGISTER.PHP FIXED
    [Release] MuToolz 3 BetA [Repack]
    [Release] MuToolz with MD5 for 0.99.62 (by JohnD)
    [Release] MuWeb + 1.04L/H Ranking
    [Release] MuWeb+MuPersia Final Version
    [Release] MuWeb 0.4
    [Release] MuWeb 0.6 &amp; MuWeb 0.6A
    [Release] MuWeb 0.6 Translated in French
    [Release] MuWeb 0.7
    [Release] MuWeb 0.8
    [Release] MuWeb 0.8 (Add Stats DL Fix)
    [Release] MuWeb 0.8 (Hack,Injection Fixed)
    [Release] MuWeb 0.8 (Hack Fixed, 21.04.2008) - updated
    [Release] MuWeb 0.8 - Lord Template!
    [Release] Mu Web 0.8 Template
    [Release] MuWeb 0.8 [2-6 db's] [GUIDE]
    [Release] MuWeb 0.9 Free
    [Release] MuWeb 8 Modificad By Evolution
    [Release] MuWeb 8 Season3 Ep2 Mod + (Hack Fixed, 21.04.2008) - updated
    [Release] MuWebPage 0.2
    [Release] MuWebPage v0.3
    [Release] MuWebPage v0.4
    [Release] MuWebPage v0.4 + FIX
    [Release] MuWebPage v0.5 Beta
    [Release] MuWebPage v 1.0 By CzF Team
    [Release] MuWebPage v 2.0 | CzF Team
    [Release] MuWebPage v 3.0 | CzF Team
    [Release] MuWebPage v 3.0 | CzF Team + Fix + Black
    [Release] Mu Web v0.2 By Devil_TeaM
    [Release] Mu Web v0.4 by Devil_TeaM
    [Release] MuWeb ver 0.2
    [Release] MuWeb ver 0.3
    [Release] MuWeb ver0.3 +top10 +bann list +statistics +working statsfix
    [Release] MuZoneWeb
    [Release] New FCV2005 Template + MuWeb 0.8
    [Release] Omega-Mu Web 0.1
    [Release] Posedos BeeBoo Web Template v1.4.1
    [Release] Powerful web script [LT version]
    [Release] ProWeb 2.0
    [Release] ProWeb 3.0
    [Release] ProfessionalWeb 5Beta
    [Release] Professional Web 6
    [Release] RCZ Web 1
    [Release] Resita-NetWork MuOnline WeB Page 0.1
    [Release] Romania Web 0.1
    [Release] SegaWeb 0.2
    [Release] SegaWeb ver0.1
    [Release] shadow muweb v.0.1
    [Release] Shinerain Web
    [Release] Silver(-s) Webpage 1.0 Lite
    [Release] Silver Iulian's Website 1.0
    [Release] Simple Mu Web 0.1 MD5 on/off
    [Release] Simple Mu page
    [Release] Simple Registration Page
    [Release] Simple Webpage 2007
    [Release] Simple web 0.1Beta
    [Release] Site 0.2 Alfa
    [Release] Site 0.3 Alfa
    [Release] Site Beta 1
    [Release] Sky Team WEB
    [Release] Ultimated MuPortal Page =]
    [Release] UltraWeb 0.3 Released !
    [Release] UltraWeb 0.5
    [Release] WAP WebSite
    [Release] WEB for HASTE Season 2 Server
    [Release] WEB to 99.6xt Version with MD5 (Spanish)
    [Release] WebPage by Proof (for 99.6X)
    [Release] WebSite By ..::SiG::.. [MD5][ON][OFF]
    [Release] WebSite By xamaee v2.7
    [Release] WebSite CG.
    [Release] WebSite Dual-Bloz (FULL)
    [Release] Website for mu online
    [Release] WebSite STMP2 by SkyTeam!
    [Release] WebSite TV-Vishi by Proof
    [Release] X- Dev Website 1 + Support MD5
    [Release] X-Web 5.8.0 Public
    [Release] YourMuPage 0.1

    Websites Addons or standalone stuff:
    [Release] [FIX]failed to connect to DB at some websites.
    [Release] [MuWeb Events Module] By Beeboo
    [Release] [PHP] Anti SQL Injection Script
    [Release] Account Register web 99.62t
    [Release] Anti SQL Injection PHP script
    [Release] Auto Exile Teleport Out Script
    [Release] A web contribution to mu admins
    [Release] Ban - Unban page using FragFrog's MU
    [Release] Change nick php script
    [Release] Ctracker (NOW with ACP) ^^ updated
    [Release] CuteNews For WebSite
    [Release] CZF Castle Siege Web Registration
    [Release] Dare eMU Open Source Emulator SVN
    [Release] Devil square ranking
    [Release] Disconnect Module for MuWeb
    [Release] DM Web v 0.1 by me Fantazy
    [Release] DooM IndeX
    [Release] Dynamic Sign For forums
    [Release] Exchange Resets With character in account.
    [Release] Extravault in your MU WebSite
    [Release] Fix Time Counters for MuWeb Ver 0.3
    [Release] Flash Banner for Mutoolz
    [Release] GameMaster On/off php script
    [Release] GM Navigator for web [SWF]
    [Release] guild mark &gt; html code (php code)
    [Release] Highlight ur chars in rankings muweb
    [Release] htaccess.PHP Manager v0.1
    [Release] Inactive Account Deleter (PHP Script)
    [Release] Intro Season II for Web Muonline By Btoykin
    [Release] Korea Season 3 Intro Editable Files
    [Release] Make GM INVISIBLE-VISIBLE in Muweb0.8
    [Release] Most Users Online PHP Script
    [Release] Movable VOTE box
    [Release] Mu Admin CP
    [Release] Mu Admin PHP Beta 0.32
    [Release] Mu Calculator For Adding Stat's.
    [Release] MuEditor_web_translated
    [Release] MuMail Sending Script (PHP)
    [Release] MuServer Shutdown / Start (PHP)
    [Release] MuToolz Reg Fixed [350, 700, etc]
    [Release] MuWeb 0.6 GM Panel
    [Release] MuWeb 0.8 (2) Servers Module
    [Release] MuWeb 0.8 3rd Class Mod (Updated)
    [Release] MuWeb 0.8 CastleSiege Module
    [Release] MuWeb 0.8 i-Radio Module
    [Release] MuWeb 0.8 Online Player Module
    [Release] MuWeb 0.8 Season 3 Statistics ( Characters ) *[UPDATE 1]*
    [Release] MuWeb 0.8 Show Full News Without To Press The News Title
    [Release] MuWeb Account Manager 0.1
    [Release] MuWeb Ban IP PHP
    [Release] MuWeb Ban IP PHP 0.2
    [Release] MuWeb Editor By Dark Team
    [Release] MuWeb Hack Hole Fix (Versions 0.6,0.6A,0.7,0.8)
    [Release] MuWeb Modules Popup Ranking
    [Release] MuWeb multiple account option
    [Release] MuWeb Online Module v0.2
    [Release] MuWeb On MouseOver Ranking
    [Release] MuWeb Search Account By Ip [MOD]
    [Release] Muweb Season 3 Ranking Fix
    [Release] MuWeb Shop Query Analizer Scripts
    [Release] MuWeb Stats Bug Fix - SQL JOB
    [Release] MuWeb Vote Manager Scripts 0.1
    [Release] MuWeb Vote Reward System 0.1
    [Release] MuWeb X-Mass Joke For Hackers!
    [Release] New php web option for game masters!!
    [Release] Php Anti Hack
    [Release] PHP ban IP and hostname
    [Release] phpBB Fully Modded for your MU Server
    [Release] PHP Castle Siege Web Information
    [Release] php code to show online players
    [Release] PHP connection fix for SQL Server 2005
    [Release] Php Effective Anti Injection Script -&gt; No symbol block
    [Release] PHP Mu Signature
    [Release] Php script shows people online in web
    [Release] Pictures for Your WebShop! (ScreenShots Included)
    [Release] Popup generator.
    [Release] Port Check php script
    [Release] Ranking for 1.04D
    [Release] Register mod to fix Age 15 bug for all muwebs. -FIXED FOR MD5 DB's
    [Release] RegisTeR PaGe v.1
    [Release] Reset Connect Users
    [Release] Reset page whit DL class
    [Release] Reset stats addon for MuWeb 0.8
    [Release] Secure Account Register page for 99.60+
    [Release] Security fix for Frag Frog package
    [Release] Security holes in MuWeb 0.8
    [Release] Send a public message ingame from PHP
    [Release] Show Item Option for Web
    [Release] Signature
    [Release] Simple IP chek php script
    [Release] Simple Register Page
    [Release] Small php script for renaming a character
    [Release] Thumbnail script for gallery (MuWeb 0.8)
    [Release] Top Online Player
    [Release] Translatation for &quot;MU server website&quot;
    [Release] UNMOVABLE vote box :)
    [Release] UserPage and AdminPage for 0.99.62 with md5
    [Release] VIP Character Move
    [Release] VIP Website Move System
    [Release] Webbased Character Editor
    [Release] WebShop 0.6 ITEM FIX
    [Release] WebSite Secure
    [Release] web stats fix and exp fix

    Templates: All links working (last checked 9th of June 2008)

    [Release] [MuWeb Template] MG ICE
    [Release] [MuWeb Template] MuStyle
    [Release] [MuWeb Template] Vista Style
    [Release] [Template] FootLight Style 2.0 By Tawil
    [Release] Break Network Web Template
    [Release] Break Template Vers.0.1
    [Release] FootLight Style MuWeb 8.0 Template By Tawil
    [Release] G-m-X Template (little,no lag template)
    [Release] G-m-X Template v0.5
    [Release] GMX MuWeb 0.8 Template
    [Release] Intro By Fantoma4u
    [Release] Magic Style by Tawil
    [Release] MG MuWeb 0.8 Simple Template
    [Release] MuOnline Intro Old School
    [Release] Mu Online Web Template
    [Release] MuWeb 0.8 Simple Template
    [Release] MuWeb 0.8 Template
    [Release] MuWeb 0.8 Template
    [Release] Mu Web Design By Devil TeaM
    [Release] MuWeb Template
    [Release] MuWeb Template (Vs2ByFCV2005)
    [Release] New MuWeb 0.8 Template
    [Release] New template
    [Release] New Template [MuWeb+FCV2005 Design]
    [Release] New template by -Rob3r-
    [Release] Original MUOnline .fla
    [Release] Phpbb2 MuOnline Template - And MuWeb Template [Antic]
    [Release] Phpbb3 MuOnline Template
    [Release] RisingKing's Template + MuWeb
    [Release] RisingKing's Template2 + MuWeb
    [Release] Simple Template SII [No Scripts]
    [Release] Simple Web Template
    [Release] Simple yet okay looking IntroPage
    [Release] Template ZoneCoper by Yassineb With Muweb 8 Fix by =Master=
    [Release] The Legends Community Intro By Fantoma
    [Release] WEB*RESKIN* Desigh by FIUZ
    [Release] WebSite Skin By BlackEye
    [Release] WebTemplate.RisingKing feat (N-B.I.G-Design)
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    Re: [ Rz Mu Release Center ]

    [Release] #GS Upload 3 FINAL (

    [Release] #X-Upload 6
    [Release] 0.99.60 GS Editor 100% English
    [Release] 0.99.62T GS Editor [ENG]
    [Release] 1.02N MuServerStartUp
    [Release] 99B+ main.exe popup url changer
    [Release] Another Auto clicker for Mu
    [Release] Anti-Blast protection by DMT
    [Release] Anti Blaster
    [Release] Anticheat/dupefinder sourcecode
    [Release] Anti Dupe Ban
    [Release] Anti Dupe Ban
    [Release] Auto-Reset Generator 5 [BR][EN]
    [Release] Auto-Reset Generator 6.0
    [Release] Auto Clickor for MU Online
    [Release] Auto IP Changer
    [Release] Auto port forwarder
    [Release] Auto Reset Generator
    [Release] Autostart for Luciano 39 BETA
    [Release] BMDdecoder
    [Release] BMD Editor for 1.04 files
    [Release] BMD_Editor_Source
    [Release] Caculater for STATS (All Classes)
    [Release] Calc + Guide 1.0
    [Release] Calc And Guide Final.
    [Release] Chinese to English translation Tool
    [Release] CMT Editor translated by DWT 100%English v1.1a
    [Release] CMT Guild Editor 1.1 by Unneon
    [Release] CMT Inventory and Vault Editors with ancients and new items
    [Release] Counts of the MSB_v1.0.0.0 by BoR Team
    [Release] CPM_v1.0.0.0 by BoR Team
    [Release] CzF MuEditor v1.05a [Fixed][Season 3 Support][NEW 1.04L UPDATED]
    [Release] CzF MuEditor v1.05b [Fixed][S3 EP2 support]
    [Release] CzF Mu Editor V1.2
    [Release] CzF Mu Editor v1.5a
    [Release] CzF MuEditor v1.05a [Fixed][Season 3 support]
    [Release] CzF MuEditor Ver1.5a With Season3
    [Release] DarK TeaM - ResetControl [beta] v0.1 (07/08)
    [Release] Dark Team Tools Pack Alpha 0.4
    [Release] DBEditor update 1
    [Release] DGE Text.bmd editor for 1.03 client beta
    [Release] DS 97j Gs Editor
    [Release] Dupe Timed Checker
    [Release] Easy C++ Spot Maker
    [Release] Easy Image Changer S3 [Kor]
    [Release] Easy Main.exe ip changer
    [Release] Eris simulator
    [Release] Eris simulator 5.1 - 0.99f+ 99B+
    [Release] Experience_v1.0.0.0 by BoR Team
    [Release] ExtreMuEdit V.30
    [Release] Fenrir code using mueditor
    [Release] Full RUS/ENG map object editor(you can create custom maps)
    [Release] Gate Text File Fixer v1.0
    [Release] G Clock for everyone
    [Release] GemBrid Glow editor +all new items.(and main).
    [Release] Goodest Hex Editor!
    [Release] GS anticrash/restarter v2.6
    [Release] GS Checker for GS Crashes V.1.0 AutoRestart GS if GS crash all the time
    [Release] GS Editor for 99.62T CzF
    [Release] GSLoader for Mx1.0z (last GS with bird work)
    [Release] GS restarer / anti-crash v.2.5 by xStream
    [Release] Hex Dictionary
    [Release] HexSearch v1.0
    [Release] Hide it ( i did not creat) [Release]
    [Release] IP Changer 2.0 DE
    [Release] Item Converter (Season1-&gt;Season2)
    [Release] ItemMaker 1.00A (BETA) - By TMT
    [Release] ItemMaker 1.03 - By TMT
    [Release] ItemMaker 1.04 - By TMT
    [Release] L-BUILDER FINAL
    [Release] Little app, AutoQ + Autoclick
    [Release] Log parcer.
    [Release] Main Editor for all versions
    [Release] Main Editor v0.1 [Romanian Version BETA]
    [Release] Main version calculator
    [Release] Map objects editor
    [Release] Message_xxx.wtf editor/adder
    [Release] MG Mu Client Tools 9.1
    [Release] MightyMouse
    [Release] mIRC Mu Online Bot
    [Release] MonsterEditor 1.04L
    [Release] Monster Stats&amp;SetBase editor - SkyTeam
    [Release] MS-DOS program to delete log in luciano 39 beta
    [Release] MuDupeCheck (timer to execute dupefinder.exe)
    [Release] Mu Editor - Server maker(97+99) v1.5
    [Release] Mu Editor - Server maker(97+99)
    [Release] MuEditor 2.1 - skyteam
    [Release] Mu Editor Data Base for 99B+ Items!!!
    [Release] MuEditor for 1.02d Server.
    [Release] MuEditor UPDATED VERSION
    [Release] MuFileGs
    [Release] MuLogAnalyzer
    [Release] MuMaker+itemsDragonMu+Imagenes
    [Release] MuMaker 1.00 - By TMT
    [Release] MuMaker 1.01 - By TMT - MuEditor - MultiLang!!
    [Release] MuMaker 1.02 - By TMT - MuEditor - MultiLang!!
    [Release] MuMaker 1.03 - By TMT - MuEditor - MultiLang!!
    [Release] MuMaker 1.04 - By TMT - MuEditor - MultiLang!!
    [Release] MuMaker 1.05 - By TMT - MuEditor - MultiLang!!
    [Release] MuMaker 1.05a [Fixed to Support S3 EP2]
    [Release] MuMaker 1.06 - By TMT - MuEditor - MultiLang!!
    [Release] Mu Minimixer - From Mu Vietnam
    [Release] Mu Minimizer
    [Release] Mu Minimizer - From Mu Vietnam - english
    [Release] MU MonsterEditor_v1.0.0.0 by BoR Team
    [Release] MU Online Status Checker v2.2
    [Release] MUOnline Tools Portable Suite v1.2 [55 files in 1 package][AIO]
    [Release] Mu server startup
    [Release] MuServer Tools 0.1
    [Release] Mu Shop 1.0 BETA (UPDATE) - Program to edit Shops
    [Release] Mu Shop 1.3 BETA (New version)
    [Release] Mu Shop 1.4 Final
    [Release] Mu Shop 1.5 Final With ALL Images and Season 3 (Due to nanoman)
    [Release] Mu Shop 1.6 Final
    [Release] Musk - Command line tool for server checking
    [Release] Mu Skiner (3 languages supported and open function inplemented)
    [Release] MuStartUp #X-Upload v5.0a by [TS and DWT]
    [Release] MuStartUp #X-Upload v6.1.0.0 by [ThunderSoft and DWTeam]
    [Release] MuStartUp + Log Deleter
    [Release] MuTools for 1.04u and up
    [Release] MuTools from 1.04x
    [Release] Mu Tools v0.82
    [Release] MU WindowMode_v3.0.2.1 &copy; S@nek[BoR]
    [Release] My MuServerStartUp.ini SCF 1.00.16 FILES
    [Release] Navigator (A GM tool) /move + /gmove
    [Release] NEW Autoresets2.0 Make your best code Autoresets2.0 Click and Click
    [Release] options configurator
    [Release] r0yal mu shop edit + source code
    [Release] Really simple SHOP EDITOR
    [Release] ResetMode DEMO by Kamui
    [Release] Resource editor
    [Release] Restarter for Gameserver.exe
    [Release] royal shop edit-support season 3 wings
    [Release] SCF Mu Editor
    [Release] Season 3 Text.bmd Editor
    [Release] ServerStartUp_v1.0.1.7 &copy; S@nek[BoR]
    [thread=406283][Release] ServerStartUp_v1.0.2.47
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    Re: [ Rz Mu Release Center ]

    SQL Queries, Fixes, etc. OK! (last checked 9th of June 2008)

    [Release] Ancient Item Codes
    [Release] A Simple AutoReset in Trigger
    [Release] Auto-Zen SQL Script
    [Release] Auto Age 15 bug fix SQL job.
    [Release] Auto Exile Teleport Out Script
    [Release] Auto Reset for 0.99.6XT
    [Release] Auto Sql Resets Table
    [Release] Best Auto Reset for Your server.
    [Release] Box of Kundun +5 in vault for gms
    [Release] C: SQL muonline+ranking baks
    [Release] Character Database Bug Fix (SQL Script)
    [Release] Code Evo 3 Character For Sql
    [Release] codes for All 3 fenrirs RED, BLACK, BLUE
    [Release] Encripting Password after transfering acc.
    [Release] Find EXC Pendant/Ring ShadowBugged
    [Release] Make your best code Autoreset On with click
    [Release] NEW Anti-DUPE SQL for Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3 GS/DB by DaRKav
    [Release] Nyc Mu Auto scripts + Guide on how to use them.
    [Release] QA script for Reset players!
    [Release] Reset stats procedure
    [Release] Revolucionary sql scripts
    [Release] Shrink MSSQL Transaction Log Tool
    [Release] SQL AutoDB backup without overwrite
    [Release] Sql Auto GM maker script.
    [Release] SQL Code: Search who has EXC Full Opts
    [Release] SQL Code to DELETE inactive accounts
    [Release] SQL database Backup every 12 hours
    [Release] SQL Query codes EX FENFIR 102D
    [Release] SQL query to delete empty accounts
    [Release] SQL Query To Delete Empty Accounts
    [Release] SQL Scipt For Auto Change Class To Season 3 Class[For Luciano.A. Release]
    [Release] SQL Shield for MSSQL 2005, 2000 and MSDE
    [Release] This is an SQL vault interest script
    [Release] Verry many usefull scripts For Your Mu Online Server !

    Security: Working (last checked 9th of June 2008)

    [Release] Security Updates Repack (Win XP)

    Items: All links working (last checked 9th of June 2008)

    [Release] Add new Armor set
    [Release] Change glow color? Piece of cake =)
    [Release] Full Patch with New Items ( Main FIX )
    [Release] Lineage2Mu mini patch
    [Release] Lineage2Mu V2
    [Release] Oblivion models
    [Release] New set items (ancients)
    [Release] Patch with 80+new items Server Client side.(all fix and test)
    [Release] Patch with all the New Items by FHX Team!
    [Release] Soul Reaver Vampire Sword
    [Release] Wear All Items Patch
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    "I stole that fuckin' clock, I took the time
    and I came up from behind and pretty much snuck up
    and butt fucked this game up.
    Better be careful when you bring my name up
    fuck this fame, that ain't what I came to claim
    but the game ain't gonna be the same on the day that I leave it.
    But I swear one way or another I'm a make these fuckin' haters believe it"

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    Re: [ Rz Mu Release Center ]

    Source Codes, coding guides and programs: OK! (last checked 9th of June 2008)

    [Release] {13/11/2007} PKSOLDIER TRANSLATIONS PT- BR (LUCIANO AIBAR 1.04.08 B39)
    [Release] /make command source
    [Release][Source] GameServer 0.97 + Post / Vip System
    [Release] 1.04D Camera research
    [Release] Adding New Option C++ Source Code + Full Tutorial [Updated Fixed]
    [Release] All Source Codes Here
    [Release] C# ConnectServer Source
    [Release] C1/C2/C3/C4 Packet Encryption/Decryption source code (C++)
    [Release] Deathway GSDec-2
    [Release] DLL Code for Private server
    [Release] EOGC Freeware S3
    [Release] Fenrir mix/SRC
    [Release] FMG 1.02d MGExGS.dll Source Code
    [Release] Full moded GS ds97j and guide how to hex
    [Release] Hook your own DLL
    [Release] Kantru Event.DLL Code
    [Release] Litle 1.04D main research
    [Release] Little 1.00.16 GS Offset
    [Release] LoadImage And PrintImage Soruce For 1.04D main
    [Release] Main cracks [how-to-text-files]
    [Release] MU.NET IT Event source (only)
    [Release] Multi Vault Limit Deletion
    [Release] MU Online Launcher Source Code
    [Release] Mu Online Sources
    [Release] My /add command code :P
    [Release] My PKClear Guard source :P
    [Release] MYDLL Source Codes
    [Release] Protocol Documentation [GS-&gt;JS] [JS-&gt;GS]
    [Release] Protocol new fuction for coderz.
    [Release] Protocols of 97D
    [Release] Running List of Sources S2-S3
    [Release] SG Coding Custom !!
    [Release] Simple MuGuard Soruce (not finished)
    [Release] Some GS declarations (Source C++ code)
    [Release] Source Code of a Little New NPC
    [Release] Source Code of Load Map 99.60T+.IDB Research
    [Release] Source code of Reset NPC
    [Release] Source Code of Sky Event
    [Release] Source Codes
    [Release] True-Mu 1.04D source for main.exe by [CzF]Leo123
    [Release] Ultra Editable Source Pack + Fixes
    [Release] WzAG Convertor 1.00.16 !!
    [Release] WzAg Source Code - Modified for Codeus Servers

    Wallpapers: OK! (last checked 9th of June 2008)

    [Release] Magic Gladiator Wallpaper by Haze + Sources :)
    [Release] Season3 Wallpaper by Haze
    [Release] Summoner Wallpaper by Haze

    Other: OK! (last checked 9th of June 2008)

    [Release] 0.99.62T setting documents explain [1]
    [Release] 1.02D ShopList Codes (Most of them are here I guess!)
    [Release] 1.02k Item Codes for DL and MG
    [Release] 1.02N Unpacked MyGSFun.dll
    [Release] 99 Shop Codes
    [Release] Ancient codes
    [Release] Ancient set codes 1.02d
    [Release] Changing elf's summoned monsters.
    [Release] Character icons, by Beeboo
    [Release] Collection of Graphics by Haze
    [Release] decrypted and decoded player.bmd=many smd animations
    [Release] Fix for all those who was infracted by the Launcher Creator - Cabal Style
    [Release] Full Item.txt and Shop Code Season III
    [Release] GM command for 1.02d version
    [Release] Interface for 1.1e MX
    [Release] LorenCayon ---&gt; CryWolf / Aida &amp;bigstar;
    [Release] Luaciano Server GM comands
    [Release] MU Anime Pack Updated! (over 65 images)
    [Release] MX 1.02I Items code list
    [Release] New skin for Yahoo Messenger MuOnline
    [Release] Sets, Weapons Codes for version 1.1e
    [Release] Sets cods and wepons of sesone2MU
    [Release] Shopcodes 1.02J
    [Release] Shop list 1.1e items for 1.02d servers
    [Release] Summoner Itens for Shop and /Drop [Luciano Aibar 1.00.16 Beta 41]
    [Release] Summoner shop codes
    [Release] Useful MEMO
    [Release] VIP Items List SCF MT Server Files
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