SeasonXI (Server+Full Client)

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    big grin SeasonXI-Ep2 (Server+Full Client) Final Update (2017-05-01)

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    Update 2017/02/25

    System requirement:WinXP/Win7/2003/2008/(32/64Bits)

    01、Create ALL Character [OK]
    02、Adds Command [OK]
    03、ArcaBattle [OK]
    04、DevilSquare [Bug]
    05、BloodCastle [Bug]
    06、DW - Skills [Bug]
    07、PK - Skills [Bug And Over GS]
    08、New Maps [OK]
    09、New Monster [OK]
    10、PK Master Skill [NO Test]
    11、New Character [OK]
    12、New NPCS [NO Test]

    01、The client is using Simplified Chinese
    02、You can download the "international" client to use

    Server+Client Patch
    SeasonXI Server Original

    Full Client

    Update 2017/03/02

    Fixed character Can not see other character
    Fixed Brave beast Move Do not show

    Update 2017/02/28

    Add Ex901 Update
    Add Ex902 Update
    Add GL BUFF Skill
    Add Shop Buy Pet Direct placed Muun Inventory
    Add Magic stone exchange (did not find the client to display the file)
    Fixed BloodCastle Enter Bug And More
    Fixed Skill Bug
    Fixed Masterskill Show Bug
    Add Ex902 The box of prophecy
    Pet and Mounts use simultaneously

    And more updated.............

    Password : L.S.T(Muonline XI Server)
    The database uses the version SQL Server 2008 R2

    Down : Update(2017/02/28)

    Final Update (2017-05-01)

    Original author no longer updates

    Client Update Using (Season XI Ep2)
    Not added Season XI Ep2 function
    Please use the new version client to login to the game

    Edit Config.ini IP
    Edit connectserver Configuration file IP

    Direct start main.exe

    The new pet independent number is 16
    Box drop pet item please customize

    Update Season XI Ep1 function
    Add store can sell set item and Socket item
    Fixed quest bug
    Fixed All Masterskill
    Fixed All Events
    Fixed Revise the Swiss currency exchange there are two props problems


    Server+Full Client (So Easy): Here download

    Update 2017-05-12

    01、Add SeasonXI-Ep2 new Socket system
    02、Fixed ImperialGuardian event has not started attack gate disconnected
    03、Fixed master Forgotten scrolls add use
    04、Fixed 2nd quest class
    05、Fxied DW master anger blow skill bug

    All pets index 16
    Except for several eggs


    Small Fixed:
    Fixed: Ruud shop buy item Gameserver collapse

    MGTEAM Server XI Files(20160613) : Here
    Season XII Server (No Cracked)+Keygen:

    #[ ]#

    [!] - Fix CashShop - Buy Item Full Option or Semi Option
    [!] - Fix Mix Create Invisibility Cloack +7
    [!] - The GS Menu is set. to update some .Lua

    [!] - Fix Skill Lunge MasterSkill -
    - Change function LungeCalc_Master_Knight in MasterSkillCalc.lua for this.

    -- SkillID: 329, Lunge Strengthener - (Blade Master - Grow Lancer)
    function LungeCalc_Master_Knight(InDamage, Energy)
    local OutDamage = InDamage * (Energy / 10 + 200) / 100

    return OutDamage

    [+] - Add Setting % for Mix BloodCastle.
    [+] - Add Setting cost money for Mix BloodCastle.
    [+] - Add Setting Effect Stun Time for Skill Ice Mastery

    #[ ]#

    [!] - Fix deleting characters.
    [!] - Fix Skill Fire blow.
    [!] - Fix Skill Meteor Strike
    [!] - Fix Skill Meteor Storm
    [!] - Fix Skill Soul Saker
    [!] - Fix Skill Focus shot
    [!] - Fix Skill Ice Blood
    [!] - Fix Skill Fire Blood
    [!] - Fix Skill Dark Blast
    [!] - Fix Skill Fire Bird
    [!] - Fix Skill Aqua Bist
    [!] - Fix Skill Meteor Strike
    [!] - Fix Skill Wind Soul
    [!] - Fix Skill Parchment of Fire Beast
    [!] - Fix Skill Parchment of Aqua Beast
    [!] - Fix Skill Parchment of Dark Phoenix Shot
    [!] - Fix Enter BloodCastle (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
    [!] - Fix Ticket and Cloak BloodCastle.

    [+] - Added Option in GS to Reload MasterSkillCalc.lua
    [+] - Added Option in GS to Reload MasterSkillPoint.lua
    [+] - Added Option in GS to Reload RegularSkillCalc.lua
    [+] - Added Option in GS to Reload SkillRuudCalc.lua

    [+] - Was added to configure the effect stun time of the following skill.
    # SKILL ID: 342 (Death Stab Mastery)
    # SKILL ID: 238 (Chaotic Diseier)
    # SKILL ID: 275 (Clash)
    # SKILL ID: 516 (Earthshake Mastery)
    # SKILL ID: 514 (Fire Burst Mastery)
    # SKILL ID: 566 (Dragon Slasher Mastery)
    # SKILL ID: 394 (Meteor Mastery)
    # SKILL ID: 431 (Multi-Shot Mastery)
    # SKILL ID: 463 (Blind Strengthener)
    # SKILL ID: 452 (Earth Tome Mastery)
    # SKILL ID: 354 (Mace Mastery)
    # SKILL ID: 67 (Stun)

    [+] - Added PvM and Pvp configuration, for the following skill located in SkillRuudCalc.lua
    # Parchment of Dark Phoenix Shot
    # Wind Soul
    # Gladiator FireBlood
    # Gladiator IceBlood
    # Knight FireBlow
    # Wizard Meteor Strike
    # Gladiator Meteor Strike
    # Gladiator Dark Blast
    # Summoner Fire bird
    # Summoner Aqua Bist

    #[ ]#

    [!] - Fix error-Level1
    [!] - Fix Party Match crashes.
    [!] - Fix 3Quest for effect on GrowLancer.
    [!] - Fix MoveMap "M" for GrowLancer
    [!] - Fix Disassemble Items
    [!] - Fix create Elemental Capsule.
    [!] - Fix Npc Levine crashes.

    #[ ]#

    [!] - Fix Regen in Map Ferea and Nixie Lake.
    [!] - Fix item Town Portal Scroll on Map ferea and Nixie Lake.
    [!] - Fix item Piece of Summoning Scroll. durability 25. create Evomon Summoning Scroll correct.
    [!] - Fix Dark Raven Attack and LevelUp.

    [-] - For the moment, FloodSystem is disable. To see if it's what causes crash.

    [+] - Add Setting Reward for Golden Invasion in IGCData/Custom/GoldenInvasion/
    [+] - Add to set the duration of stun effect of Death Stab Mastery in IGCData/Custom/Custom.ini

    #[ ]#

    [!] Fixed IGC_MonsterItemDropRate for the Jewels drop.
    [!] Fixed Dark Raven. Receiving Experience - attack fix coming next update.
    [!] Fixed Error iValue == 0, option for set ancient.
    [!] Fixed item Nixie's Fragment Elemental NPC Ruud.

    [+] GameServer crash dump improvements.

    #[ ]#

    [+] Add Message "<Msg ID="684" Text="Grow Lancer" />" in "IGCData/Langs/English.xml"
    [+] Add ItemDropRate in "IGCData/Custom/ItemDropRate.ini"
    [+] Add ItemDropBlocked in "IGCData/Custom/ItemDropBlocked.ini"
    [+] Add CustomEventDrop in "IGCData/Custom/CustomEventDrop.ini"
    [+] Add Menu Opt Reload for (CustomEventDrop, ItemDropBlocked, ItemDropRate)
    [+] Add New System Notice in IGCData/Custom/Notice.txt
    [+] Add "IGCData/Monster/IGC_MonsterSpawnCS" for GameServer_Siege - other GameServers use IGC_MonsterSpawn.
    [+] Add Flood System in "IGCData/Custom/FloodSystem"
    [+] Add UserDieItemDrop in "IGCData/Custom/UserDieItemDrop.ini"
    [+] Add UserChatBlock Manager. Ingame F2 (Block Chat). Still in development.
    [+] MasterSkillCalc.lua and RegularSkillCalc.lua have been restored. You can still use the one you had.
    [+] Add KnightSkillAddLife_Level3 (swell life mastery, skill 363) in MasterSkillCalc.lua

    [-] Removed "IGCData/IGC_MonsterItemDropRate.xml"
    [-] For the moment, "IGCData/Custom/PvPBalance.ini" is disabled due GS crashes.
    [-] At the moment the BuffSkillEffect.xml was deactivated.
    [-] Maps "Valley of Loren", "Land of Trials", "Crywolf Fortress", "Barracks of Balgass", "Balgass Refuge" removed from IGCData/Monsters/IGC_MonsterSpawn.xml

    [!] Nixie Npc now transfer to Boss Nixie Lake Zone.
    [!] Npc David - exchange lucky item for Grow Lancer - Fixed.
    [!] Npc Elpis Refin Gemstone - Fixed (added 2 rates - refine rate free and refin rate vip, settings available in "IGCData/Custom/Custom.ini")
    [!] Fix Grow Lancer enter to Kanturu Event.
    [!] Fix Items Quiver for Elf. No longer consume durability and is not dependent from infinity arrown skill.
    [!] Fix Event Castle Siege.

    #[ ]#

    - Added - BuffSkillEffect.xml in (IGCData/Custom/BuffSkillEffect.xml)
    - Removed IGC.GameServer_M.exe - Market maps available in GS Regular.
    - Fix Disconnect Player and Account Option in gameserver.
    - Fix Icon Events Notification - Event NPC's available in Event square
    - Swell Life mastery fix
    - Added - PvPBalance.ini in (IGCData/Custom/PvPBalance.ini)
    - Removed IGC_EventEntryCount in DataBase MuOnline
    - Added - Switch for Visual Log PvPBalance in GS (IGCData/Custom/Custom.ini)
    - Added New Option "Extra" in Menu GS , for relog BuffSkillEffect.xml and PvPBalance.ini
    - GameServer_B.exe temporarily disabled.

    #[ ]#

    - Security Patch

    #[ ]#

    - BC/DS/Fruit/cherry Mixes - Fixed
    - Fixes for some Visual issues
    - Elf bow/crossbow issue - Fixed
    - MasteryBox - Fixed.
    - ItemList.xml Update.
    - Elf Quiver - Fixed.
    - DL Raven - Fixed.
    - Ruud shop BloodAngel weapon + skill + random luck

    #[ ]#

    - DarkAngel Weapon Mixing
    - Ruud shop Bloodangel weapon exc fix.
    - Cash Shop fix

    Server : Season XII Server (No Cracked)

    Client (P1) : Part1
    Client (P2) : Part2
    Client (P3) : Part3
    Client (P4) : Part4

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    Re: SeasonXI (Server+Client patch)

    Client Season 11 GMO??
    You can help to change the protocol to the springs?

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    Re: SeasonXI (Server+Client patch)

    Why is someone you need? The files are useless as for me ... only to get acquainted with the 11 season, and even then not fully.

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    Re: SeasonXI (Server+Client patch)

    ConnectServer Error Fix

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    Re: SeasonXI (Server+Client patch)

    Quote Originally Posted by pemakkaa View Post
    ConnectServer Error Fix
    use connectserver1. is conectserver emu. work fine

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    Re: SeasonXI (Server+Client patch)

    Run 04-Gameserver error ..\Data\EventItemBag\153-??????.txt could not open file Fix now

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    Re: SeasonXI (Server+Client patch)

    muserver organized..


    and add items growlancer in mueditor

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    Re: SeasonXI (Server+Client patch)

    who can share the client?

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    Re: SeasonXI (Server+Client patch)

    update Full client....

    - - - Updated - - -

    michi28 Thank you ^.^

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    Re: SeasonXI (Server+Client patch)

    client :!OoVGXCSR!txlyojqHO...njFwigGj9nEiTk

    add start.exe in Prevention of data execution

    edit ip in config.ini

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    Re: SeasonXI (Server+Client patch)

    If someone share source code protocol I will upgrade it to Season 12 and share with all things

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    Re: SeasonXI (Server+Client patch)

    and one that is a more stable season 11?This is not generally something is not working.

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    Re: SeasonXI (Server+Client patch)

    Great share. Will this server files get constantly fixes? Since there are some features not working.

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    Re: SeasonXI (Server+Client patch)

    Good release, testing :D

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    Re: SeasonXI (Server+Client patch)

    Honestly, all files are useless without source. Can only be used for testing purposes or offline server... Dont get to excited

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