GloryMU Season 3 Episode 1 x1000 STARTED!!!

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    GloryMU Season 3 Episode 1 x1000 STARTED!!!

    Dear players, we invite you to the server, which is really worth your attention. This is a qualitatively prepared game world, with a kind of economy and interesting gameplay. We have prepared a platform for the game server and completely secured it. Thought many parts of the game world and realized no achievable goals! A lot of events, quests, competitions will not let you spend days on the spot. The most interesting you will see on our project.


    Experience: x1000
    Drop: 60%
    Version: Season 3 Episode 1
    Maximum level: 400
    Maximum Reset: 100
    Maximum Stats: 65535
    Grand Reset with 100 resets
    Maximum Grand Reset: 50
    Level for activating MU Helper: 10
    Help NPC buffer: up to 300 levels
    Game commands: / ene / agi / str / vit / cmd and others
    Reliable protection against all sorts of cheats and dumb.
    Bonus program through voting for the server.
    A unique referral system with pleasant bonuses!
    Unique balanced spots in all locations!
    Unique Quest Game System
    Now you can enjoy the game in Full HD!
    A convenient gaming panel in the game with a wide range of services!
    High-quality assembly and protection from third-party software!
    Server uptime: 24/7
    Reduce the load% on the CPU!
    8 new stones with unique properties!
    Inside-game trading system!
    Unique systems Auto Party & Party Leader!
    Reconnect the system. Restoration to the party after the release or break of communication
    Unique Offline pumping
    Premium system
    A unique system of internal economy.
    3D camera
    Game Clock
    New HP bars for monsters and players
    Bank of stones (JewelBank) for storing and exchanging stones ..


    Skype: live: glorymu777zzz
    GloryMU Website
    Forum GloryMU
    Server Information


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    Re: GloryMU Season 3 Episode 1 x1000 STARTED!!!

    Dont work
    Castlevania Symphony of The Night

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    Re: GloryMU Season 3 Episode 1 x1000 STARTED!!!

    Update and running OBT x50

    Dear players, today, 09.09.2018 at 15:00 MSK server will be temporarily not available due to the introduction of the update, as well as improving the performance of the server machine and running the OBT x50.

    The following changes were made to the updates:

    • Increased percentage of sharpening stones:

    1. Jewel Of Life Sharpening increased to 80%
    2. Jewel Of Soul Sharpening increased to 60%
    3. Sharpening of things with Luck option +25%

    • Enhanced experience in Gold Party
    • Was corrected Blood Castle, Devil Square and Chaos Castle for Master LevelThe waiting time for the Blood Castle is now 5 minutes.
    • Fixed receiving referral rewards
    • Removed stumble from Reflect Damage, and also removed reflect from reflect-a
    • The siege of the castle will be held next week, registration from Monday
    • Added in-game store for CR
    • Possibility to replenish the CR through the "Interkassa" payment system
    • Quest System fixed duplicate items for crafting
    • 2.5 Wings equip in the presence of the 2nd profession
    • Also a drop of Loch's Feather was added and Jewel of Chaos was added to the Box of Heaven

    Enjoy your game. GloryMU Administration

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    Re: GloryMU Season 3 Episode 1 x1000 STARTED!!!

    OBT x50 Continues

    Dear players, we invite everyone to participate in the testing of the server.
    We want to express our great gratitude for all your help in troubleshooting our server.
    Thanks to you, we found out many problems, defects, bugs, etc.Now very serious work is being done on the server as a whole.The server will be opened 21 September at 19:00 Moscow time!

    We are waiting for you at the opening of x50 Ā© Administration GloryMU!