Season 13 | Exp: 5000x | +500 Online Guaranteed

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    The Oficial PvP Server: Completely PLAY 2 WIN, YOU have the chance to earn FREE WCoins by playing, either hunting it or earning it in different ways. You will experience the BEST PvP & PvE Balance for a 32K High rates Server plus numerous events to participate and have fun all week. Come join with your friends, we focus on only 3 things. FUN, COMPETITIVENESS and SECURITY.
    Our Oficial MU Online Trailer

    MU Online PE Season 13 Part 2 | Exclusive Content!

    Server Information:

    Season 13 Part 2 Updates:

    • New map & monsters Deep Dungeon (1~5)
    • New map & monsters Swamp of Darkness
    • New Boss "God of Darkness"
    • New Holy Angel weapons
    • New Set's Awakening
    • New Skills and modifications (Cooldowns are modified to provide relevance to our rates)
    • New 4th Wings (HOT)
    • New 4th Quest Evolution (Dragon Knight, Soul Wizard, High elf and more!)
    • Mini-Games Jewelry Bingo| MU Roomy | Bomb Game
    • New Map Favorite System for an easy Warp Menu (HOT)
    • New equipment Mastery Awakening Soul
    • New 4th Master Skill Tree with Skills Enhancement and PVE New Skills

      ... and much more! JOIN US NOW,

    MUPE Gameplay Information:

    • Exp: 5000x
    • Drops: 80%
    • Zen Rate: x1000
    • Max Level: 400
    • Max Master Levels: 520
    • Max Reset: Unlimited
    • Stats Stay: Yes
    • Jewels Rates: Default
    • Chaos Machine Rate: Default
    • 2 Sub-Servers with more than 2700 Spots per server.
    • Map System NOPVP y PVP
    • Reset in-game without exit the game or login into a website (HOT)


    • All Webzen default events actived!
    • Arca War
    • Blood Castle
    • Devil Square
    • Chaos Castle
    • White Wizard Invasion
    • New Golden Invasion
    • Dragon Event
    • Loren Deep
    • Battle Soccer
    • Kanturu Event
    • Imperial Guardian
    • DoppelGanger
    • Kalima
    • Kanturu Event
    • Balgass Event
    • Mini-Games
    • Raklion Selupan Boss Fight
    • Gens System and Vulcanus Fight.
    • Weekly Castle Siege (Custom - WIN Golden Fenrirs!)
    • Acheron Guardian (HOT)
    • Ferea Battle (HOT)
    • Evomon Event (HOT)
    • Labyrinth Of Dimension (HOT)
    • Chaos Castle Survival (HOT)
    • Tormented Square (HOT)
    • Illusion Temple Championship (HOT)
    • Royal Rumble (HOT - FREE Wcoins)
    • Survival Series (HOT - FREE Wcoins)
    • PvP Championships Series (HOT - FREE Wcoins)
    • Auction Event (HOT)
    • Loterry Event (HOT - FREE Wcoins)
    • Silver & Gold Sealed Boxes (HOT - FREE Wcoins)
    • Gambling Event (HOT)
    • God of Darkness (HOT)

      All our events have been modified for the best user experience in a high rate server, the enjoy, fun and challenge in those events is out of this world.

    The Best PvP in MuOnline you Will EVER experience

    Special Features:

    • Account Lock System for players who share their accounts, the items will not be mobile.
    • In-game resets system, using the /reset command you will be reborn in the lorencia bar without logging out or accessing a web page.
    • Drop system expertly designed to avoid Crash in the economy and generate market.
    • Custom events (We made the events you love so much, even more incredible!)
    • Divided progress system in Hunters, Farmers and Heroes. (Choose one and you will arrive at the same place competitively)
    • Bosses Raids modified to create an adventure of challenge and competitiveness to the players.
    • Our 4 major exclusive events: PvP Championships, Royal Rumbe, SummerSlam, Survivor Series.
    • Players can buy and sell their items in the personal store using wcoins and /or goblin points as currency (Devias and Noria respectively)
    • Special warp and Lord Mix - Owners of the Castle will have a special warp to Loren Deep and access to the Lord Mix.
    • Very well balanced PVP, giving pleasure to the highest standards of those exquisite players!
    • No items Customs, or powerful items, all have the same ability to compete in PVP and PVE is the path they follow (Hunters, Farmers and Heroes)
    • Skills and 4th tree master with new skills and improvements until Season 13 Part 1-2
    • The best PVE experience with bosses, monsters and personalized events for the greatest fun and challenge.
      - We put as much emphasis on the PVE (Player versus Enviroment) as we do with the PVP, you can enjoy the challenges of events, hunt, and Boss raids like never before and get incredible prizes in your journey.

    Important commands within the game:

    • /addstr - Add strength attributes within the game
    • /addene - Add energy attributes (energy) within the game
    • /addvit - Add vitality attributes within the game
    • /addcom - Add command attributes within the game
    • /addagi - Add agility attributes within the game
    • /reset - Reset character (does not require removing items, leaving the game, or accessing a web page)
    • /clearpk - Cleans the character's killer state
    • /crew - Show the connected Staff members (if you require assistance, they will be there to support you)
    • /lock - Lock your account
    • /unlock - Unlock your account
    • /offtrade - Sell items Offline
    • /requests - & lt; on [B]/off & gt; Enables or disables accepting or rejecting invitations (trade, party, guild, etc) automatically.
    • /setparty - Create a party and automatically party to other users, just as they automatically enter your party.

    Exclusive Features:

    * Reconnect System: Play without worrying about your character disconnecting from the game due to connection problems, you will always be Online!
    * Ticket Support System: Get help through your account on the website directly from our admin, even remotely via teamviewer!
    * MUPE password: Use your own password to enable or disable your vault /character and other in-game functions.
    * FREE Wcoins: We have multiple system for you to earn WCoins, making this game completely PLAY 2 WIN! Either by hunting them through normal drop and bosses or by playing different events and games.



    Come play and enjoy one of the best PvP experience ever in a MU Online Server!
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    Re: Season 13 | Exp: 5000x | +500 Online Guaranteed

    Moved to Upcoming. Please do not remake a new thread when you go out of beta. Just request for your thread to be moved in the pinned messages. This is your only warning.

    Please don't forget to include a screenshot showing ​an Admin character saying "Hello RageZone!" as stated in the section rules. You have 24 hours to add them. Failure to do so will result in the deletion of your thread. Thank you. :--)

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    Re: Season 13 | Exp: 5000x | +500 Online Guaranteed

    I sent you the message Tenpai still have no reply. I don't know wether to keep waiting or makea new thread tho.