PangYa Natural Wind - Pangya Season 8 !

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    PangYa Natural Wind - Pangya Season 8 !

    PangYa Natural Wind was introduced in Korea on Aug 23, 2014 and it was released in Korea on Aug 28, 2014.
    Introducing a brand new character sets after PangYa was launched for ten years and renovate the graphic engines for support this (and add shader ! ).

    UI change :
    - New interface for login and lobby (transparency + remake).
    - "My Room" completely remake and replaced with a window ...

    Gameplay change :
    - All games are Natural Mode... Normal Mode only for "Grand Prix" (He have Natural mode too)
    - Lounges are dead ...(Or maybe disable)
    - Tutoriel it's now in single player mod .
    - New music ->

    Character change:
    - All character remake ! (R = Renew character - H = old character) ( Exemple of Renew: )
    - The card slots are delete from the non-ears clothing and club sets ....

    Engine change :
    - More powerfull (do not compress any more model 3d used )
    - New texturing use ( maybe use filter ARGB)
    - Shader have make for more beautiful game :o


    GamePlay Youtube :
    Part 1 :
    Part 2 :
    Part 3 :

    Source : official pangya( and and - youtube - wikipedia

    Correct me if i have make a mistack
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    Re: PangYa Natural Wind - Pangya Season 8 !

    Since i also have access to the sever, i too will go over what i have learnt. So here it goes!
    [Warning, Lot's of Pictures]
    So first thing, i learnt about how the new UI functions, and explained it well in these images.

    The game also has Shaders added to it. The Shaders can be turned on all together, turned off all together or individual ones can be turned on/off.
    Here's a comparison of them ON and OFF

    Now from my experience, (Having a really slow and bad computer) The shaders tend to make the game run allot slower, to the point that it has made my computer crash. So people with a low end computer should make sure to keep them off. However, if your computer is average or above average, then by all means keep them on, i think they look fantastic and add a breath of new air into the world of Pangya!
    Now with the remodeled Hanna and Nuri, you can simply switch them out by selecting them on the bottom Character tab. They act like their own character, with new cloths, new stats and new animations. Only some things can be upgraded such as rares from your Classic character to your remodeled one. Even clothes that are remodeled in the shop have to be re-purchased.

    So far, only some rare items can be "Traded" for a remodeled version to put on your new Hanna or Nuri. This means that not every rare, Gacha or clothes that you own for Classic Hanna/Nuri can be transfered to your new Remodeled version.

    The new Character Models come with new hair dyes! These hair dyes can be bought with points or pang depending on the color. One sad thing is that your Classic characters hair dye will NOT be transferred to the remodel. You will have to re-purchase the hair dye.

    Some of the most interesting stuff i have found out hasn't even come to the game yet. When going through the files of the new season, i have found diferent remodeled and new cloths for the new characters. I haven't seen these been posted anywhere, so here they are!

    Also, we managed to find the 3D model of Hanna's remodel, and people online have compared the two side by side. Here it is!

    you can clearly tell that the Remodeled version has aged at least 3 years from her Classic form. She is also allot more accurately per portioned.

    Hope this helped out everyone in understanding the new season a little bit more. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for even more coverage and info of the new season, and don't miss our next Papel Pod-Cast where we go over even more of the new season!

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    Re: PangYa Natural Wind - Pangya Season 8 !

    This Season looks awesome! As an old season 3-4 player of Pangya Official (played 3 years straight), I think the game looks more cooler now in Korea at least. I left Pangya Official because I wanted to find a private server for Pangya that was up to date with the official but i haven't found any. I really hope this movement for new Pangya Dev's will work out (At this point of time i can't develop anything or code). Good luck with the revival of this community!