To all Pangya Server hosters

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    Re: To all Pangya Server hosters

    Quote Originally Posted by fiona View Post
    If they were THAT serious they would barge in here and ask the owner to delete the whole pangya section lol.

    I wonder why do they bother to make the notice if they have the legal actions to take and can do it silently?
    There's no point in shutting down 1 forum. The files are floating around the web for 5 months now. They weren't posted here in the first place, either. It's virtually impossible to censor all links and keep people from obtaining files or help, as hvdaedalus points out. RaGEZONE is popular but it's by far not the only forum with a server development subsection.

    And who says they haven't already taken legal actions? I'm not sure where you live but gathering personal informations and preparing lawsuits isn't something you do between breakfast and lunch. The announcement reads "[...]and as such have taken appropriate measures in seeking legal action against[...]" - now, English isn't my primary language but "have taken" is somewhere in the past, right?

    Maybe they're nice, giving people the chance to stop on their own accord. It wouldn't be the first time a company turns a blind eye and focuses on stubborn people. Since Gmaniacos doesn't even seem to care, it'll be interesting to see whether something will happen or not - as brumas points out they should be one the biggest servers right now and therefore one of the biggest problems.

    As for the purpose of the announcement: It just looks a hell lot better posting a message of impending doom on your site than just silently killing servers. It's a good PR-stunt, reminding players not to go astray and causing discussions such as this thread.
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    Re: To all Pangya Server hosters

    Based on what I have seen in the past, I think they are after the big servers that are making money out of it.
    Personally, my server had quite a playerbase (20-30 people on at the same time with over 500 accounts website-wise and over 1200 accounts db-wise.
    I decided to put my server to rest and take the web offline for a bit until I've seen what NTreev is going to do or has done.

    Blizzard has sued a few World of Warcraft servers as well, and they were big ones that made hundreds of thousands of dollars from their players.
    As Tsukasa and brumas pointed out, gmaniacs is big...there's also Pangya Brasil which has a good playerbase as well and offers payments for ingame items (not listed as "donations"). So I expect them to focus on those kind of servers, but we never know for sure.

    All we can do right now is wait and see what happens.
    So far I haven't been contacted by NTreev or whatsoever.

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    Re: To all Pangya Server hosters

    appologies then~ , from where I live.. nothing like this happened, atleast in my intelligence :S since not many games are developed here. I guess we'll just wait and see what they're gonna do because if it stays like this there wont be any pangya pservers in the future since we all are terrified and in awe.

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    Re: To all Pangya Server hosters

    I guess people will speculate on this, but i say go through with what ever projects you have and forget about it. If you have balls for it.

    Is what I'd normally say. But we're talking about international laws. I've already been contacted by an old friend who works for the publishers of Pangya here in our country. They said better quit now while i can and stop further making what ever with the server.

    I told them that when the files were Season 1 no one reacted, No one even said anything. I bet when they get season 5 they'll forget about this so if we're gonna wait lets just wait for S5. then continue with everything else.
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    Re: To all Pangya Server hosters

    When they took Galaxy games license, some ppl wanted to sue Ntreev who answered there's nothing you can do. So how could Ntreev do something now LMAO
    Just Bullshit XD
    So what? Sending the F.I.B. knocking on the door ? lol
    How come there is so much private game server and companies do nothing ? Because they can't

    So hmm I'll work on item recycle XD
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    Re: To all Pangya Server hosters

    My server at least is back up and running.
    I investigated previous lawsuits that considered private servers and every single one of them was because people were making money (and im talking $100,000+) from their private servers by selling items (non-donations).

    I'd say NTreev is trying to scare us because they see we can do a better job :D

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    Re: To all Pangya Server hosters

    That's right my friend said it all ....

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    Re: To all Pangya Server hosters

    If they have money for suing private servers, they have money to make their service better. They should have focused on the latter before the former became an issue.

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    Re: To all Pangya Server hosters

    We are better than Ntreev/SG first because we are NOT limited to a service contract, the rule here is: "Create, do what you want! Explore new things"

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    Re: To all Pangya Server hosters

    Quote Originally Posted by brumas View Post
    Lol, they would only take actions in servers that are getting money from that, like the Gmaniacos.

    Unless you're selling stuff in private servers, i don't see why they'd bother doing anything.
    This is not true,

    If they found it pressing enough, or if they uncovered enough private servers to make their time, they will most definitely go after several servers.

    The fact that you have a private server shows that you have in the least manipulated the client, which is a direct violation of Intellectual Property Rights, under the case action "Reverse Engineering". The fact that a server is running and as is a database, makes is just cause for them to obtain a court order to seize everything you have and sue you for Hundreds of Thousands at times, if not more. Even if your server is a custom build , it still communicates with their client, and all contents of everything you have carry a likeness to Ntreev closed

    PS if you go to, or have gone to any sort of university and studied technology, you would know that

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    Re: To all Pangya Server hosters

    They could sue every single private server out there now...if they wanted.
    The reason that they don't do it, is because no server is making that much money or has so many players to make it even worth sueing them.
    Once NTreev sees a server as a threat to their playerbase, they will probably sue them.

    Just look at WoW servers and Blizzard. Do they sue servers? Yes, but only those that are worth sueing.

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    Re: To all Pangya Server hosters

    Como fasso o pangya?

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    Re: To all Pangya Server hosters

    Honestly i had planned to set up tomorrow. Hosters beware but i'm still going for it.

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