Baseball MMO Server Emulator

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    Baseball MMO Server Emulator


    I'm on here because I used to play a baseball mmo called MLB Dugout Heroes, which was really the best baseball game I have ever played, and yes I play MLB: The Show as well as 2k. This game was so much better though, because it had the true MMO feel combined with the sport that many folks know and love.

    Anyway, about a year ago, I had started paying a developer (and have invested over $1,500 in the project) to develop a server emulator for the game. However, eventually, he gave up because I couldn't afford to pay him anymore and he wasn't able to complete it within the ideal timeframe.

    However, I do have the latest client of the game before it shut down as well as a GitLab repo of this fellow's work and a link to the Korean version of the game that is still up and running. I realize that there is much reverse engineering that would go into this project as well as time. I can't pay anyone at the moment, but it would be awesome if anyone wanted to work on this project for fun.

    If you are interested in details, don't hesitate to reply or PM me! :)