[Black Desert] Coder needed

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    [Black Desert] Coder needed

    [Black Desert] Coder needed
    Looking for my server some Java devs , c++. Atm is the server running on v2100. But I m also working on the new version fixed there allready some stuff but still need help to manage everything if you have knowledge whisper me here with projects you have allready done. You will get paid for your work ofc you need to understand that I can’t give you access to the server files becouse i don’t know you . And you don’t know me . We can set things up so we can get it work.

    please understand that I don’t need people who just wanna learn some coding since I don’t have time to handle the server fixes and train you in coding, I m not a pro my self but I understand the structure of the files and so I was able to fix stuff

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    Re: [Black Desert] Coder needed

    Hello, I am interested