[Filled] EllinMS Recruiting 'Wz Editer'

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    [Filled] EllinMS Recruiting 'Wz Editer'

    Hello, mapler!

    First and foremost, let me introduce EllinMS, a new MapleStory private server in the making. We are currently in closed beta testing. If you haven't already, head over to our server map post (here), and check out our planned features along with our vision for EllinMS Open Beta. Due to time constraints, we have decided to recruit a 'wz-editer' to our project. Although we already possess staff with knowledge of wz-editing, we believe that a dedicated wz-editer, as opposed to developing and wz editing simultaneously would greatly impact our progress for the better! If you feel like you may fill this role, please post a small application of any format below along with registering on our forum. We thank for your time, and hope to be in-contact with you shortly!

    Note : There is no format for the application, however examples and proof of work along with professionalism is recommended.

    - Shadow (Admin)
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    Re: [EllinMS] Recruiting 'Wz Editer'

    Update : Position Filled

    If a moderator could please close this thread, that would be great. Thank you!