[GunBound SEASON II] iGunBound Re-relaunch as S2 after 4 year offline.

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    information [GunBound SEASON II] iGunBound Re-relaunch as S2 after 4 year offline.

    Hello RG Forum Members.

    I am here to recruit news members to a new team to manage a GunBound Season II game server.

    .. a bit of history:

    A long time ago, GunBound has stopped it's developement on private servers because of lack of interested people to do the hard job. It's hard to find someone trying to do something new or fix some old server files. But I did. Me and 2 of my old iGunBound team.
    5 years ago, iGunBound launched to public as World Champion SEASION 1. Everything worked fine, the server was stable and we were making enought money to pay the server bills and take some for ourselves. But then, an opportunity came around: The Season2 update. In that time, we didnt have the knowledgment to fix the best server avaliable at that moment (the server as really buggy). So we used it as it was and, as you may guess: shit done succesfully. We have lost our players and server because of the gameguard integrated into the client. This is how iGunBound closed.

    .. time has passed. 1 year ago, a member of my old team came to me to say that GunBound seems to be dead. There is not a good server. The best WC S1 server open is suiciding treating their players as1 shit. So we do have a good shot to re-launch ours.

    I accepted. Later, when I was configuring S1, I had a good idea to fix the problems on Season2 server files. To be quick: I solved the problem and now THERE IS a private Season2 GameServer Files avaliable to be used. And we want to be the best GunBound Season2 Private Server: Like the old times.

    So lets go to the point: We need staff members to re-launch!

    What we need is:

    - Designer (to create images, animations etc for future promotions, events etc). We need a designer with habilities to deal with game-specific design. We have lots of renders for you to work with. We cannot accept amatours for this job. This job may also offer cash payment.

    - GameMaster The gamemaster function is to monitore channels, rooms, gameplayes, create events, ideas, to give entertainment to players and more. This job does not offer any payment in cash but we do offer you some extra stuff.

    Facts that you may want to consider before applying:

    - Currently, there are not more then 4 GunBound Private server online. Less concorrence.
    - The best avaliable online private server is not a big deal.
    - We do have new features integrated into the game, such as missions, events, prize system and others. Those features works as a Mod, every Mod has a server-side and a client-side part. Everything is secure and done the right way.

    Game Features
    - Strategy game, MMORPG.
    - Fully working game play.
    - Fully working game rooms.
    - Fully working channel.
    - AvatarShop fully working.
    - AvatarShop editor fully working
    - PowerUser fully working.
    - Integrated events (christimas, halloween and others)
    - .. AND MORE.

    - Everything is working fine, there are no critical bugs.

    Game images (Illustrative, from the same game client version)
    If you want to login into the game with us, you need to apply for a position first.

    Contact information

    PRIVATE MESSAGE (Use the forum private message system to contact me)
    Our facebook page (not beeing updated yet) - https://www.facebook.com/iGunBound/
    Discord - soon
    Skype - themarks2
    Website (currently offline) - www . igunbound . com
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    Re: [GunBound SEASON II] iGunBound Re-relaunch as S2 after 4 year offline.

    kkkkk ai tiago o tempo passou broher, tbm sinto saudades dessa ├ępoca servzone e tals, foi loko ter te encontrado no zeppelinpub!! see ya xD

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    Re: [GunBound SEASON II] iGunBound Re-relaunch as S2 after 4 year offline.

    OMG, I have known this game since the first community I started playing my games on, good to see that it's being re-developed again!