[Habbo] Looking for a hotel manager!

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    [Habbo] Looking for a hotel manager!

    Hi everyone,

    We are looking for a Hotel Manager to help run the community side of our retro. We are a fairly new retro who have been developing our website and client for the last few weeks to try and tweak any issues that were being caused. We do not need any help on the side of funds or development, but we are looking for someone to be able to help run the community aspect of our retro.

    The three owners of the Hotel have many years of knowledge of retros and Habbo (we have unfortunately been around for too many years). Two of us have ran retros before, and only closed them as we started post secondary education. Now that two have finished, we found ourselves with time on our hands and do not plan to close anytime soon, if that's what you're worried about!

    We launched our website this morning and are super excited to see some of you on our Hotel. Our retro is located at habmore.pw

    If you are interested, feel free to add me on discord Matthew#8841

    Looking forward to hearing from someone soon!

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    re: [Habbo] Looking for a hotel manager!

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    re: [Habbo] Looking for a hotel manager!

    Quote Originally Posted by Joorren View Post
    Yes, I can really vouch for you Jurg. He has run multiple large-scale online Habbos before and is very skilled in doing this.

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    Re: [Habbo] Looking for a hotel manager!

    Added the required Tag to your post, next time make sure you read ALL the rules for the Team Recruitment section otherwise you could find yourself with deleted threads/infractions.