[MapleStory] Coder Required - Java/SQL

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    [MapleStory] Coder Required - Java/SQL

    [MapleStory] Coder Required - Java/SQL
    Hey! Thanks for reading this post!
    I've been working on a MapleStory server for the past month, managed to get it up and running, fixed some issues with the source, done some WZ editing e.g. adding hairs/faces from higher versions, some minor NPC Scripting (I'm kinda old-old-old-school, I always struggled a bit to understand javascript, and after many years of not touching anything related to MapleStory I must admit that the methods changed a little bit (everyone got better at it I gather =P) and I stumbled with all the Arrays and Variables and etc... But if you get to know me you'll see that I'm just a Go-Doer. I go, I do, and I learn).
    Also I got a cype up (hey, do we still call them "cypes" nowadays?), nothing elaborate really, I been focusing on the gameplay itself rather than presentation.
    But there's only so much I can do alone, admittedly, given my lack of real experience, so, I'd like to reach out to the community, for any Coders/Devs or just anyone with basic Coding experience out there who, like me, are bored to death with the current global situation and would like to do something nice and perhaps have some fun in the meanwhile - But we do things with Confidence, no screw-ups! :)
    The server itself is running on a rather nice machine, it is a little bit old, yes, but beyond sufficient for running a MapleStory server.
    It is an HP ProLiant DL380;
    - Dual Intel Xeon CPU E5450 @ 3.00GHz & 3.00GHz
    - 16GB RAM (not sure about ram clock-speed, but it IS server spec.)
    - *Currently, a 600GB SATA hdd, but I'll try to get my hands on a SAS drive soon
    (or maybe more than 1 and set up an array)
    - Bandwidth 100Mbps (This is the biggest shortcoming, but the machine can be easily movable to a location where I could juice 1Gbps)
    - Running Windows Server 2008 R2 x64

    ~The website adress, from which you can check the server out yourself:

    You can contact me via Discord, preferably:

    Having said all that, I'd like to thank once more for your attention! Best of luck to all!