[MapleStory] Looking for JS Scripters, WebDev, Staff, Advisers, bugtesters

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    Support [MapleStory] Looking for JS Scripters, WebDev, Staff, Advisers, bugtesters

    Hello~ I'm Rakeda. I've been in the MapleStory section for more than half a decade now. I've opened numerous servers before but was never really the sole owner of one (I was always borrowing a dedi, or working with someone in a partnership). It's been a few years and I want to learn more Java so I'm opening up a new server with a simple concept.


    Welcome to OpenStory. This is a server that uses discord as it's forum and is pretty much user governed. This is invite only (similar to non public hamachi servers). There won't be any donations here because I can easily run this server off my own budget for 3 years+.
    I feel like discord takes over the place of forums. With exceptions of a report system it will have everything that we need to be a community.
    -Invite only:
    If someone invite you, you get a key. When you create your account you get a key to share with another person.
    -User Governed:
    To be honest I won't care if users are disrespectful to each other, because this is life. Now, if it's harassment and not a mute-and-move-on scenario, they will find themselves quickly banned. Other than that and hacking scenarios this is pretty much a server where you can be your honest self.
    -Development driven:
    For you coders out there we will have a private api that you can use to create neat apps or whatevs to hone your skills. Ideas are always welcome.

    If this sounds like a server that you would be interested in working in hit me up on here or on our discord channel. The title is what I'm looking for but to be honest, if you have a skill or want to learn a skill I can find a place for you on our team.

    Contact me here: https://discord.gg/c85Cng6
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