[Maplestory] Looking to sponsor a cool server project

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    happy [Maplestory] Looking to sponsor a cool server project

    I have an okay job and am also a student. I'm looking to pay for hosting and some expenses for someone's project as long as it adds some twists to how Maplestory is on GTOP100.

    If you're an amateur programmer or like to experience with new mechanic or systems to try out stuff then yeah hmu. I think it'll be fun to tinker with a live server and community.

    Just a little about me, I'm a person who likes to bot or leave ai vs. ai on observer mode on video games just to see results or what happens. I'm not really into playing games or dealing with issues (unless it's to tinker with something), I just like seeing results for the most part.

    PM me if you have a project already you want hosted or have some experience and want to play around with an idea.

    I'm not too interested in any community, donation, staffing, revision or rates related issues so it's fine to discuss any concerns regarding that.