[Mu Mobile] Building up a team

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    [Mu Mobile] Building up a team

    [Mu Mobile] Building up a team
    Hello everyone, recently I was looking through this game MuOrigin, the mobile version and I wanted to ask out here if there are people working on it still?
    I am in need of 1-2 coders/devs in able to put up an unique project on playstore and having huge advertisement at it.
    I also need a good guy able to pull up some good graphics when we need it.
    I would like to start up a custom made server of MuOrigin and keep up on modding it as we are going to invest some sums of money on it.
    So if you got what it takes pm me right away with a method to contact and a short resume about your experience and skill. Please take note that this is a paid position depending on demands and work done.

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    Re: [Mu Mobile] Building up a team

    i looking team too

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