[MU ONLINE] Looking for Testers/GM/Admins/Crew [MuPla.net]

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    [MU ONLINE] Looking for Testers/GM/Admins/Crew [MuPla.net]

    Hello Again!

    Previous post got deleted without explanation, but oh well I am not that lazy to do it again :P @Biesmen

    Mupla.net is looking for tester/GM/Admin/support team members.
    It is a Muonline S9 e2 server with an interesting player reward system one of the kind, plus not to mention my exclusive sexy map reskins- all original baby!

    MuPla.net - MuOnline Season 9 Episode 2

    Skype me for more info @ xmasshill or alternatively PM me.

    Add your small resume wherever you are contacting me:

    Previous skills: managing online projects, administrating any other relevant information.
    Years in The Game

    Project is currently in its testing stage.
    Everything is hosted nice and shiny.


    Enthusiastic Mu Online skinner!

    My MuOnline project is underway, will have so many cool skins there. Gimme a shout and leave a like.