[MU ONLINE] Searching for Game Masters!

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    idea [MU ONLINE] Searching for Game Masters!

    Hello there!
    We are actually searching for Game Masters for our 97D+ server at Just a moment...
    Our server network is a serious intended gaming network for long term sustainable hosting.
    Available positions: Game Masters
    Slots: We are searching for atleast 3 GM's
    Your Job:
    1. make atleast 1 GM event everyday or once 5 times a week.
    2. check in game and answer questions (support) u can do at forum if u want too
    3. Help us bring some players if thats possible from your side.
    4. Check for server spots/ give us feedback etc (additional)
    you will be given GM access to write in public chat in Game and we will be giving you prizes to make events in game!
    You can write a reply here or PM me here or let us know through facebook or through our website


    Thank you.

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    Re: [MU ONLINE] Searching for Game Masters!


    join if u are interested before its too late!

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    LittleGiant MUnoob is online now
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    Re: [MU ONLINE] Searching for Game Masters!

    Nothing but respect for karli. I’ve seen him around since I first joined ragezone and haven’t seen anything negative.

    Good luck on your server :)