[MuOnline]Looking for a partner

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    [MuOnline]Looking for a partner

    Even after all these years i still love MU and i really wanted my own server. So i finally decided to do that and i also realized that i am a bit overwhelmed.

    I am currently looking for a partner that can assist with the server/client configuration and can (but not a requirement) even design logos, banners and such.

    The server is s12, MuEMU files and i would need help with the following:
    - Client autoupdate feature.
    - Client integration of certain maps - i can make the spots but i have no idea on how to add the actual map to the client and Warp List not to mention the client side related map files.
    - In-Game, Discord and Forum Support.
    - Various fixes that would be reported by players when the server will become populated.
    - General Design.
    - other things related.
    I will require someone that can be active at least 1-2 hours every day and not someone who just want to make a quick buck. I am looking for someone that loves the game and wants to create a nice and populated server.

    At the moment the server is running but there will be a character wipe as soon as we are done with all the configurations and everything works nicely.
    For more details just send me a PM. I will answer around Saturday or Sunday to the individual that i will choose.

    I am not asking for any kind of financial contribution towards the server since i will be handling that.
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