[Network] Searching Developers for several Games.

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    information [Network] Searching Developers for several Games.

    Hello :)

    I am searching for some active developers (with experience in the game).

    These are the games i got
    C9 Korean files from 2nd September 2014 (Not Public and with correct client and new class)
    DriftCity US (Gamescampus) Server files from 10th September 2013 ( You need to find client maybe)
    Dragons Prophet US 19th Feburary 2014 files with correct client
    Echo of Soul US 2016 Files with correct client
    Eden Eternal US 12th April 2016 Files with correct client
    Elssword US 7th March 2014 Files with correct client
    GrandChase Season V - US and KR 2014 files
    Lost Saga TH 2016 files
    Luna Max US 2013 Files
    RustyHearts US/JP 2013 files
    Shaiya Ep6 US 2016 files

    These are the games, i am looking for a very active Developer, that can make the files to work (some files need to be modified to delete the IP Binding and these things). I myself got no time for all these games and i don't want to let them stay unused.

    I need these informations

    Programming skills:
    Did you hosted the game before on older files?
    What is your experience in this game?
    How many hours can you spend to develop these files:
    Do you have a team ?

    You will get % of the donations and maybe even newer files in the future (when i can get them)
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    re: [Network] Searching Developers for several Games.

    I'm very experienced with Luna and elsword , I can take a look at those files for you

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    re: [Network] Searching Developers for several Games.

    Can you add rf online or ragnarok to the game list im willing to join and i know to develope shaiya also but only 4.5

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    re: [Network] Searching Developers for several Games.

    i have all of that files, if u interested in any pm me.

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    re: [Network] Searching Developers for several Games.

    Add me for elsword :)

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    Re: [Network] Searching Developers for several Games.

    Hi i Have Trickster Online / Dekaron / Crossfire 100% fix /PointBlank 100% fix both online (Client+Server+)

    I spend maybe 5 hours for day to dev my own programs
    Im graduated on university on Dev Digital Games /Level Design/ Programmer (C#,Python,C++)
    so i can help u

    thx if u can add ou send me PE