PerfectWorld UE4

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    PerfectWorld UE4

    Is there a chance to create perfect world on UE4? by only enthusiasts
    Concept is simple: Old pw with new engine and graphics
    Without donate system which ruining most mmoprg, influencing the game balance(Chest,roulettes, etc)
    Without trash updates which ruining economy

    During over 12 years nothing was better created, huge degradation of mmorpg games
    Studios which creating MMOs, thinking only about money and suffer from creative impotence
    cashgrab game+ greedy localizer+idiotic updates = garbadge (pw's dead after 1.4.1 2010)
    So why people cant organize and make own project based on idea, istead cashgrab & marketing
    or im only here with huge nostalgia (in my opinion the best mmo WoW, L2, pw(l2copy))

    Here some samples how it can look like
    Archosaur, Village of Naught


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    Re: PerfectWorld UE4


    Because all want to make money for eat, buy new things, cars, etc...

    Anyway for make some great you need money for service devs and other stuff. No one will work for free (I say about good dev).The old days have already passed and they can not be returned.