World's first Valkarie Crusade Private Server needs staff

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    ! World's first Valkarie Crusade Private Server needs staff

    technical info and introduction:
    i wana make a private server for Valkarie Crusade
    now for info on applying for staff
    1. UserName: panicdotc
    2. Discord(Optional): Onlyforacceptedusers#9999
    3. What role do you wand: Head Dev/Owner(not achievable btw)
    4. Age: 20
    5. Do you agree not to sue me(panicdotc) regarding this project and take responibility for your contributions?: yes
    6.Code Samples(Required If applying for developer):
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main(){
    printf("Hello ragezone")
    return 0;
    6. do you agree to keep supporting us and share code with panicdotc: yes
    7. do you agree not to abuse your powers: yes
    place this filled with YOUR OWN AWNSERS THAT ARNT MADE UP down as a reply here i n this pos NOT THE OTHER ONE anyway good luck and remember NOT to tell MyNet about this