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    angry Be Aware

    There is a scammer lurking about rage zone. If your posting for assistance or help you will receive a PM from them.

    The user that sent the PM to me has already been banned from here.

    They will ask you to add "Detox" to you skype with the skype name r ussian.code As I assume by now this is probably someone stealing Detox from RZ's identity.

    Be aware do no ever send payments to "" As this person is a scammer.

    He sent me code available for free here at RZ - the compiled DLL md5's even match.

    Be aware!

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    Re: Be Aware

    Great that you made people aware but MentaL made a post about this earlier and the person in question will not be coming back anyway.

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    Re: Be Aware

    ow i had such situation twice O.o
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    Re: Be Aware

    Quote Originally Posted by Chelios1985 View Post
    ow i had such situation twice O.o
    I wouldn't expect anything less from you, keep up the good work!

    P.s. Morons, stop buying crap and start learning shit you f. great developers, you're on the same lvl as kamellanna was (god rest her soul).
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