Challenge (Crack IT)

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    Re: Challenge (Crack IT)

    Quote Originally Posted by RevEngKal View Post
    Isn't writing an unpacker just another part of the challenge? I figured out the packer, but never bothered reading up on it.
    Nope, because commercial packers have a big team in the background getting paid to secure executables. It takes weeks or months to write an unpacker for it, but that has nothing todo with a crack me challenge, since everyone could just put any exe into a packer an call it a crackme challenge, but where is the challenge then? Revo just used a packer for which no unpacker exist as of today, this is the reason why he also time limited his challenge. Someday in the future there might be a cracker team that write an unpacker for it, but again thats not a crack me challenge, its just using a commercial packer. You find crackme challenges all over the internet, they are very small, self written by devs, with different difficulty levels. I dont know who that revo is, but it seems as though he totally missed the point of a crack me challenge. If he want he can contact me and i could help him to write a proper one, depending on his x86 assembly knowledge.

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    Re: Challenge (Crack IT)

    I usually just unpack my EXEs using Olly+Scylla. Worked for UPX and PE Compact so far. The are guides for Enigma as well. You're right though, just packing an EXE is kinda lame, as anyone can do it.

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    Re: Challenge (Crack IT)

    it's packed with Enigma 5.9 .. title should be "unpack it" and not "crack it".
    also i don't see the challenge when you throw an exe into a packer and post it here to check whether anyone can "unpack" it or not.
    it'll be more interesting posting an exe with self-made encryption/protection system then it can be called a "crack it" challenge.
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