Interested in getting back into Kal

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    Interested in getting back into Kal

    Hey all...

    I've been in a nostalgic mood lately and I'm interested in getting back into Kal/back in touch with old Kal friends & enemies.

    So are there any people left active here who remember me? It's been ~10 years since I was last active...

    I'm thinking of opening a Kal server as a hobby project, I've done well for myself in the years since I was last active and have the funding to run a server at a 100% loss indefinitely on pretty ridiculous hardware for Kals needs but its really only worth it if at least SOME of the old crew will be here to troll/attack/enjoy the server...

    So, Anyone left that I may remember who will attack my server? Talk shit on everything I do? Come chill and shoot shit?

    Just to get everything started I'll update everyone on my last decade.

    So I left Kal dev to work on a Rohan server, many from that time who knew me will know this. The Rohan server made crazy fucking money, was a good time until it got shut down. After Rohan server shut down I went to Jail, also something many who knew me would know... Basically I dipped out on probation for some minor bullshit when the Rohan server was Making 100k a month assuming with that much money a lawyer could take care of the probation shit... BUT then I never paid the lawyers to do anything... California cops didn't care about Pennsylvania probation lol. BUT during a trip to Georgia I learned that Georgia cops DO care about Pennsylvania probation XD.

    So anyway after dealing with the probation and the time in jail I moved back to California, I actually used what I learned from running Kalonline and Rohan servers to sell my services as a Consultant to companies IT departments, my largest client was working on Armored Warfare, Skyforge and Revelation. I Improved my skills even more while there and at the same time invested in crypto pretty heavily, I made a nice bit on crypto in 2016-2017 both day trading and forming a crypto based startup. Crypto crashed so I got out of that.

    Currently I'm running a company that provides outsourced IT management and security services and a real estate company.

    So, Now that everyone from back in the day knows where I've been and where I stand on improved ability/finances toss me a message
    I don't use skype/msn anymore
    I'm on discord HuninHune#2469
    Add me and we can chat a bit
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