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    shout Just Hello

    Hello everyone, I have some questions about servers.

    1. Where can I get the latest files? is there any chance of getting them?a
    2. There any sense to open old server ? if yes where i can get some add-on any site ?,i mean old engine.
    3. Top of games die ? maybe there any other top kal site ?

    thanks :P

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    Re: Just Hello

    1. The latest released files contain a working Thief and some addons.
    None of the publicly available files are complete tho. You have to buy them in order for a smooth setup & gameplay, else you will be forced to work more for nothing.
    2.there are dozen of threads about old serverfiles. pick them all, try out what works and what won't.. There's a huge amount of addons and shit, you just have to try them out yourself...
    3.there is one, advertised everywhere here in this section, just check the header-ad out

    If you have the will to work and you stick to it you can do much..just don't rely on others and use the search function because 99% of the questions which you will have, have already been answered.