A warning message for you all!

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    A warning message for you all!

    Hello community. I haven't posted since a lot of time,but i wanted to simply explain to you what happend.

    A month ago i bought the picking pet addon from CompaQ aka MrSheba,who is working with nonosocr1986. I asked him if his addon is stable and he confirmed,so i bought it. I used it and not even 1 hour and a server crash happend. So i went to him and said "hey your addon is causing crashes" and he said "it is tested in other servers,it isn't causing any crashes" and he sent me a update 5 minutes later,which i added and got crashes again in not even 1 hour. So i have received updates,which i don't even know what he updated,but the stabillity was 0%. I got sick of the addon,because i payed for it and couldn't use it for even 1 hour without it causing problems. I asked me friendly that i want a refund and license stopped,because i couldn't even use the addon for more than 1 hour and also he doesn't know what he is doing and what to fix. He started ignoring me and didn't refund my money.

    Be careful with him and don't purchase anything from him or from the one he is working with,if you don't want to have crashes and waste your money and nerves. I will eventually get my money back by PayPal,since he doesn't want to refund them and started ignoring me,when we had a deal last night and he said "I will refund your money no problem".

    I am not using a foreign language,nor insulting anybody. I just wanted this message to be brought to the community and warn them.

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    Re: A warning message for you all!

    hm, just open a refund on PayPal and sure get your Money back.

    It is hard to trust any People in the Kal Community.

    You should make the Addons on your own or go with People who are Longer in this Buis. like Mad,R3v0,Darn.

    I did think nono is a good guy, released some addons here hm...

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    Re: A warning message for you all!

    don't buy files! duh!
    Madison Fan Club Member : #1 . Thank you <3