[Release] Nostalgia BGM Tracklist (LegacyGamers, Euro/Universe and others)

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    shout [Release] Nostalgia BGM Tracklist (LegacyGamers, Euro/Universe and others)

    Warning: Goosebump alert!

    This game brings back so many awesome memories. Back in the day playing online with your friends after school to late in the evening day after day. My childhood cannot be described without Gunz (okay this is greatly exaggerated, but I think a lot of us feel the same). One of the greatest form of nostalgia is listening to the good old bgm from back in the day. Sometimes I still browse through my old Gunz folders and listen to the music which will give me instant goosebumps.

    I know there are still people lurking in this section, so I decided to share the list of music I've gathered. The list mostly consists of music of Legacy/Euro/Universe Gunz, but also others. Feel free to supplement the list as I do not have all the tracknames sadly. Me (and I think others) would love to know more.

    LegacyGamers Gunz - '07 (Beta) and '08:
    Miraculix - Search & Destroy
    Miraculix - Eclipse
    Koxbox - Crazy
    DJ Tiësto - Lethal Industry (Svenson & Gielen Remix)
    DJ Tiësto - He's a Pirate
    Neuromotor - Fuck The DAT Mafia Trance Xp
    Astrix - Chaos
    Astrix - Coolio (Infected Mushroom Remix)
    Infected Mushroom - I Wish (Skazi Remix)
    Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane
    Infected Mushroom - Bombat
    Infected Mushroom - Dracul
    Lazy Town - You are a Pirate
    DJ Tiesto - Elements of Life
    P.O.D. - Boom
    Freezepop - Less Talk More Rokk

    LegacyGamers Gunz - Christmas:
    Trans Siberian Orchestra - Wizards in Winter
    Trans Siberian Orchestra - Carol of the Bells
    Trans Siberian Orchestra - A Mad Russian's Christmas
    Trans Siberian Orchestra - Siberian Sleigh Ride
    Trans Siberian Orchestra - The March of the Kings - Hark the Herald Angel
    Trans Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Canon Rock
    Amy Grant - Sleigh Ride

    Euro/UniverseGamers Gunz:
    Foggy - Come Into My Dream
    DJ Splash - Always and Forever
    DJ Mangoo - Eurodancer
    Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler
    B-Complex - Beautiful Lies
    Fort Minor - Remember the Name
    Linkin Park - Faint
    DJ Breeza - Everytime You Need Me
    Pulsedriver - The Whistle Song (Solar Patrol Remix) (Mix with Whistling Dave, but couldn't find it yet)
    Scooter - Whistling Dave (Mix with The Whistle Song, but couldn't find it yet)
    Scooter - Weekend
    East Clubbers - Walk Alone
    Jeckyll & Hyde - Frozen Flame
    Scott Fisher - Monolithic Filter
    Dimrain47 - The Prototype
    Mythos 'N DJ Cosmo - The Heart Of The Ocean
    James Horner - A Life So Changed
    Earthbound - One Nation Trance Nation
    Ray Burton ft. Titus - Barock Me
    Blank & Jones - After Love (Ibiza Club Mix)
    DJ Sharpnel - Lonely Lonely
    DJ Sharpnel - Zenon
    DJ Sharpnel - World Sound
    Kaze - The Voice
    Cornandbeans - Midnight
    Bounc3 - Paradise on E
    DJ Shah - Sunday Morning (Original song, but in-game was another version)
    DJ Tiesto - Titanic Remix
    System Of A Down - Legend of Zelda
    EON - Universe City

    Other Gunz (LegendGamers Gunz, Daemons Ring Gunz, Freestyle Gunz) or I simply can't remember if it belongs to one of the lists above:
    Muse - New Born
    Sash! Feat. Rodriguez - Ecuador
    ParagonX9 - Chaoz Fantasy
    ParagonX9 - Chaoz Impact
    ParagonX9 - Defection
    ParagonX9 - Chaoz Airflow
    The Prodigy - Omen
    The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
    Guru Josh Project - Infinity
    Safri Duo - Bongo Song
    DJ Jurgen/Alice DJ - Better Off Alone
    Alice DJ - Will I Ever
    Prince Negaafellaga - Introduction
    Rob Dougan - Clubbed to Death

    Remember: feel free to supplement the list!

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    Re: [Release] Nostalgia BGM Tracklist (LegacyGamers, Euro/Universe and others)

    memories :(
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    Re: [Release] Nostalgia BGM Tracklist (LegacyGamers, Euro/Universe and others)


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    Re: [Release] Nostalgia BGM Tracklist (LegacyGamers, Euro/Universe and others)

    Very good I needed this :)

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    Re: [Release] Nostalgia BGM Tracklist (LegacyGamers, Euro/Universe and others)

    Damn good times in EuroGunZ/UGG
    I remember when the player count was close to 5000 players.

    Thanks for your release, i might release a few unreleased files in the future.

    take a look at this:

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    Re: [Release] Nostalgia BGM Tracklist (LegacyGamers, Euro/Universe and others)

    Damn, too much nostalgia I feel sad hearing them lol.

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    Re: [Release] Nostalgia BGM Tracklist (LegacyGamers, Euro/Universe and others)

    That's nostalgia right there, those were the days. :-)

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    Re: [Release] Nostalgia BGM Tracklist (LegacyGamers, Euro/Universe and others)

    Thanks, Thanks, Again.. Thanks <3
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    Re: [Release] Nostalgia BGM Tracklist (LegacyGamers, Euro/Universe and others)

    Hahaha awesome. I just wish someone had the FatalGunZ BGM.mrs. Sad thing is. I dont even know what year I played.

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    Re: [Release] Nostalgia BGM Tracklist (LegacyGamers, Euro/Universe and others)

    Ah I miss those good old days.

    Staying up until 3 AM no-lifeing on Gunz when you had school the next morning - then faking sick just so you could stay home and play Gunz some more :)

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    Re: [Release] Nostalgia BGM Tracklist (LegacyGamers, Euro/Universe and others)

    Hehe damn, can we go back?
    Breathe. Step back. THINK. Then react.

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    Re: [Release] Nostalgia BGM Tracklist (LegacyGamers, Euro/Universe and others)

    Damn tho, Feel the days when gunz was alive, love DJ Splash hehe !
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    Re: [Release] Nostalgia BGM Tracklist (LegacyGamers, Euro/Universe and others)

    LGKeiz here..

    Bump, didnt see this thread till now, nice find!
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