[RELEASE] Refined GunZ Source - Public Git - 2007 source

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    big grin [RELEASE] Refined GunZ Source - Public Git - 2007 source

    Building on from @Arcelor with his post here: PSA: Stop wasting time

    If you would like to get a 2007 server going, now you can with this 2007 source. A lot of work has gone into this, and while many bugs still remain, you can get a stable server going with this.

    • 3 netcode modes:
    • Server-based -- (Unfinished) No direct connections are established, hit registration is done with lag compensation on the server. Only enabled if game_dir in server.xml points to a valid game directory that contains animation and map files
    • Peer to Peer Antilead -- Peer to peer, attacker does immediate hit registration
    • Peer to Peer Lead -- Peer to peer, target does immediate hit registration
    • Voice chat - Default key hold down K to chat
    • Passwords hashed on the client with BLAKE2b and on the server with salted scrypt
    • Remade chat -- Resizable, movable, copyable text, unlimited history, transparent background
    • Basic info update rate per second increased from 10 to 33
    • Spectator mode
    • Portals
    • Compatible with either SQLite or MSSQL
    • Gladiator changes more info here.
    • Registration at the Login Screen
    • Can run multiple replay versions (e.g: official v4, v6, v7, v10 and v11; Freestyle Gunz V7 (both formats), V8, V9 and V10; and Dark Gunz V6.
    • Supports fullscreen, borderless and windowed mode
    • Dynamic resource loading -- Clothes are loaded individually as they are required, not loaded all together when you start the game. This reduces load time and memory usage.
    • Supports Gunz 2/RS3 maps

    New Game Modes (which you may have seen elsewhere):
    - Gun Game - On each level, you get given a different set of weapons, there is a file in the server files which allows you to change the weapons and add more.

    - SkillMap - Skillmaps contain start and end zones, track your time, and teleport you back to the start zone when you fall. Will have a time record list in the future. Other players are partially transparent and cannot damage or push you.

    Get Started:

    Just remember a lot of bugs still remain, but they can be fixed if you have c++ knowledge.

    grandao for [RELEASE][DEVELOPMENT] RSX (RealSpaceX)
    Jetman for gun game gamemode
    Crawley (I believe they go by this name?) - for the refined gunz source

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    Re: [RELEASE] Refined GunZ Source - Public Git - 2007 source

    Dude How many times is this going to be published?
    the repository has been created long time ago and I think many people already know of his existence. So imo there's no reason to continue talking about this on messages or threads like this saying "Hey, here is a source ready for his use (which in reality isn't)".

    Anyways feel free to use it and report your future issues on github.
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    Re: [RELEASE] Refined GunZ Source - Public Git - 2007 source

    add in you config.ini fix db, and delete server.xml



    - - - Updated - - -

    the last update of this project I create an error where I can not change the encryper, for sure if another wants to use it could not, I want to upload this project with the BLAKE2b and my server delete it but also, create the php scrpyt to be able read the same

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    Re: [RELEASE] Refined GunZ Source - Public Git - 2007 source

    What bugs exist in the source? I noticed a lack of shotguns which is easily fixed by adding them to shop.xml. The interface is also small. Other than those I haven't noticed much yet.

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    Re: [RELEASE] Refined GunZ Source - Public Git - 2007 source

    This is functional, I just say it to find out if it really brings all this, not to open a server.
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    Re: [RELEASE] Refined GunZ Source - Public Git - 2007 source

    son, if normal if you want to ask me for fb :v