[Discussion] AFK DC

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    [Discussion] AFK DC

    Hello, I hope anyone would answer to someone like me a newbie.
    Can you guys give me some reasons why I get DC AFK after 5-10mins?

    I tried some files(code,client), some doesnt disconnect, some does.
    Can you help me clarify and brainstorm the reason why?

    Exclude the reason server host because the ping is low and I tested it on other files and no dc.

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    Re: [Discussion] AFK DC

    DDS & low ping

    >experiencing random disconnects
    >if afk DCs
    >if afk with guild window open (must have guild) doesn't DCs
    >if afk with friend window open still DCs & if afk with guild window open w/o guild DCs

    so why would I need a guild and open the guild window to not get a DC even tho both server & my connection are fine?
    are there any fix to this?