Project Ran.exe

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    ! Project Ran.exe

    Project Ran.exe
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    #include "XX.h"Location

    Re: Project Ran.exe

    I mean, you are posting this on the wrong section. But Project Ran is Packet Editor (Open Source)(Idk, i might be wrong tho) so this means they can just reproduce it maybe different Class Name, Window Title and such.

    PS: (Idk, i might be wrong tho)
    This ain't real.

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    Re: Project Ran.exe

    I have this but its not for free. Also it is easy to detect even if they reproduced.
    Just contact me for more information.

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    Re: Project Ran.exe

    Quote Originally Posted by masterweax View Post
    Does anyone here has this program? Im trying to build a hack prevention about this program on my server but i dont have the program itself. Does anyone have it?

    Most of my players are using it to cheat on my server which is an EP10 server. They used it mostly to get item stats 32k using randomizer and that program.

    It anyone has it and is willing to let me borrow it then please you can leave me a private message.
    If this is not allowed then please remove my post.

    Thank you so much and have a good day
    3rd party program won't help you from saving your files, you must add restriction in your source, that is the best way and impossible to bypass.