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    O2Jam Malaysia Connection problems?

    Hi, im having a problem with connecting to the e-games server. Ive read other topics, mainly on the official o2jam website of others who have had the same problem, but have not found a fix for it.
    The problem is that when i run the launcher, it says "Launcher is connecting to e-games. Please wait a moment....." After a short while, it says "Connection error. No connection to the e-games web server can be established. " It says some more about i may not be connected to the internet properly, or i may be experiencing network problems.... I know that my connection to the internet is fine, and i am not experiencing network problems. i have also tried lots of things which others said may fix this, such as disabling firewall, anti-virus and spyware remover and i have tried opening ports and reinstalling the game. None of this has seemed to work, and i have read nowhere that anyone has fixed this problem. Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong, and how i can fix this. This problem has been occuring for a few months now and i really have no idea how to fix it. If someone could help, that would be great...


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