The history of this section.

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    Re: The history of this section.

    Quote Originally Posted by The General View Post
    History will be written soon.
    If this was even remotely true, the history would have to be changed to include @Sledmore as a huge part of the current stage.
    You're not even close.

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    Re: The history of this section.

    Hmm this project is look very nice.
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    Re: The history of this section.

    I joined this community at a very young age, 13. The skills I picked up and learned, the critical thinking required to make a retro, and the problem solving I had to do has given me more than I could ever ask for. I use the skills I learned from each and everyone of you on a daily basis here at my University, I attribute a lot of things in my life to the time I spent in the f282 community. It's amazing to think its been almost 6 years since I first joined, and all the memories I made here have made a lasting impact on my life.

    Looking back, I was an extremely mixed up and emotionally confused teenager. This community offered me something that school, my parents, and my friends couldn't. I still can't tell you exactly what that was, but it was important and needed.

    I am not active in this community anymore, I haven't been for a number of years. Every once in a while however, I like to check in and see if you all are still here.

    I want to thank everyone in this community for sharing their time with me in this common vested interest. Sometimes, if I meet a cute girl or a new found friend and we start talking I'll subtly mention Habbo, just to see if they share any of the same memories I shared with all of you.

    Right now I am away at college studying to get my degree in Finance, then its law school after that. I've got big things on my mind and a bright future to look forward too, but every once in a while I like to think who made it happen. F282 made up bits and pieces of who I am today, and for that I am ever grateful.

    I know I was not the most prolific coder that ever graced this section. I'm no Yifan Lu, Aaron, or PEjump2 (still a friend of mine to this day) - yes after all these years I still remember all their names. I was however an active member that always tried my best to help out. Reading through the history of this section brings back so many great memories, I just wanted to take this time and finally say...

    Thank you.
    Going, going, gone. Thank you f/282 for all the amazing memories and great people I've met!

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    Re: The history of this section.

    I never posted something in this thread. So to make this thread more funniest (since some latest posts here was offending our legends, and was a little messy...), i have some words to say to everyone that is reading this..

    This section had a lot of legends, a lot of contributors. A lot of these contributors (members) improved this section in a lot of ways. In ways like algorithm, encryption, emulating, client side, hashing, scripts, content engines, and more. But the biggest thing that they did was this community, this section being one. Of course we had discussions before, but before we had a big amount of heros.

    The fact is, before was more hard to code, less people knowing to code (was other young generation). Now "code" (or copy code or flame, or do bullshit, etc) is easier. Habbo is almost died. People are not caring (only some members cares) to contribute really. Only want fame.
    Also the count of leaked content (that aren't Sulake's content, but other people content) is bigger than ever. The amount of unfinished developments increased a lot. The amount of ego also, the amount of treats also.

    But only one thing we need remember. This community isn't made of people with a big count of posts. Thread count isn't the same of contribution rate. The community is gratefully to our heros? Maybe, but the onliest thing that really we need remember is, people don't need necessary remember our heros, they never will been forgot. Simply, because ever software of this section will use something that they made. They are alive in this community.. in the hearth of this community.

    So let's stop fight about careless things. (i think people will continue.. but whatever...)

    If you're not listed in this thread, and helped this community, don't be afraid. The history will not forgot you. The onliest person that need be satisfied of the contribution is you. Because you know you helped.

    This community has a big story, let's not allow this history being forgoted.

    And the war continues, the rat vs the cat. we vs sulake. Why we do all these things. Because Habbo is Habbo, coding is coding, hobbie is hobbie, fun is fun. And RaGEZONE... this part i don't need to talk.

    Hugs, for our heros, and specially for you that maybe also are helping this section.

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    Re: The history of this section.

    I regret leaving the Habbo Scene years ago, I probably had the best v26 Source to date, fully featured with Battleball and Snowstorm as well (Shame I never released it to the public and have long deleted everything I had of Habbo)

    Good luck to the current developers,

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    Re: The history of this section.

    Too sad to see that the old people have left though

    Good luck to the future developers and contributors
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    Re: The history of this section.

    Wow I remember the V1-9 Era like it was yesterday.

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