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    note [Discussion] New Upgrade RYL

    i thinking a new way to make this game grow up.the first 1 is make something new.

    upgrade new : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRHmyXaIdUk
    function : the item no need to tranfer stat , just need to upgrade until +S grade.
    the slot will be my main target for stat. sometime people get 5 slot only but the grade already +S so the stat just stop there. limit slot is 10 slot and +s Grade Ultimate Stat, But The Stat Will Not Be Same Because Of Germs. This Upgrade Using Much (Antonium+Endurance Stone). The Gems can Be Remove And Put New 1 , if You put Only 5 DMG Gems on slot. so the gems will not use so much. see the video for more detail.

    upgrade will not have a fail. but the stat will not be same. it seem fair and more awesome to me.

    i think i will make some new class. or maybe some reborn to get more stat or something unique.
    is there have some other suggestion to me?
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    Re: [Discussion] New Upgrade RYL

    nice work dude.
    ROW [Developer]