Dont ask what server and client to use (!!Look Here First: Updated May 25 2012!!)

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    Dont ask what server and client to use (!!Look Here First: Updated May 25 2012!!)

    Okay guys, I know that setting up a Priston Tale server can be confusing at times, especially knowing what client to pair with what server. It's not difficult though.

    First of all...A client you can use is the following from KPT's website--

    Full Client
    Name: kPT Client

    This client lacks translations. To fix this, you can do several things. First of all, download a different Game.exe. There are SEVERAL game.exes in the releases section that are PAIRED with SERVER FILES. That's right. Most of these SERVER FILES come with GAME.EXES to go with THEIR SERVERS (i.e. SkyPT). Most SERVER releases here also DON'T INCLUDE ALL OF THE FILES NEEDED FOR THE SERVER. I'll get into a solution for that in a second. Now, look for an up-to-date server post (and be sure to read whether or not it includes a game.exe). How do you know if it's up-to-date? Well, look at the POST DATE. After looking at the post date, look at the USER RESPONSES. If the responses are GOOD, then it's likely that the EXE is GOOD to use. There will STILL BE TRANSLATION ISSUES if you download the client from KPT's website. Why? A lot of quest text and images are NOT IN THE EXE. To fix this you can download the EPT client and grab files from there as well. There are A LOT OF RANDOM FILES TO GRAB so I will not list them all here. If you're lazy, you can avoid this by downloading SOMEONE ELSE'S CLIENT and use your own Game.exe. Be sure to give the person credit and ask for permission before making any sort of release.

    Here is one server files repack you can use (they are the latest one released):
    Latest SV Files release

    Or packs with just the server:
    KPT Server 2477
    PTBr 4176

    Here is a game.exe you can use:

    admin ePT

    You can also use this player dashboard:

    Player dashboard
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    Re: Dont ask what server and client to use (!!Look Here First: Updated May 25 2012!!)

    Guide updated, please read it!
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