!!Priston Tale section RULES!!

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    !!Priston Tale section RULES!!

    Do NOT TLDR this thread!
    (too long, didn't read)

    We don't haven too many troubles here, but it is better for all if we avoid them.
    The explanations and alternatives bulked this crutial thread out, so I've folded the detail into spoilers... if you're not sure about a rule, or really want to know your way around, unfold the spoiler detail. Otherwise, at least read all 10 rules, (i to x) and 2 security rules. (I to II)

    Please read the general RaGEZONE rules! (1 to 28) Our section rules are an addition reinforcement to those. (like the RZ rules, these rules apply to our sub-sections too, though they often have their own additions)

    When reporting a thread, quoting rule numbers helps. When we issue warnings or infractions, we will often quote the rule you violated by number. (the different number styles, 1-28, i-x, I-II, helps inform where you can find further details)

    General Section Rules
    1. Always create new threads with tag prefix and in the correct section.
      A [Request] or [Help] thread shouldn't be posted in the "Priston Tale Tutorials" sub-section, for example.

      If you have made such a thread by mistake, please " PM" the moderators asking for it to be moved. You could also " report" your own thread. If you simply state the reason for the report as "mistakenly posted in wrong place", I'm sure you will not be chastised, and will certainly defend you against any action any staff member may take against you "reporting your self". (bobsobol)
    2. When creating a thread, use a descriptive title for the main subject of your thread.
      Do not use:-
      "please help!"
      "help needed!"
      "where to find?"
      "is it possible?"
      ... or similarly nondescript titles.

      In fact, the failure of each of those titles is that the part which absolutely must be included is the point you cut short your sentence. As a potential reader of your new thread, I should go in with some idea if I am able to respond or not before I click on the thread.

      Valid titles may be:-
      "[help] SOD ranking?"
      "[help] Server crash!"
      "[request] can't find clan system!"
      "[request] ClanSOD in Perl? Can it be done?"
      ... Of course, note the [tag] at the start makes most of the bad titles irrelevant.
      Also, DO NOT ask for the right server files and/or client to use. There is a pinned thread dedicated to that subject, otherwise your thread might likely be deleted or you infracted.
    3. This is not the place to recruit your staff members, or advertise your PT server.
      Not in "RaGEZONE - MMORPG server development forums > MMORPG Server Files > Server Developments > Priston Tale", nor at any sub-forum!

      Instead, please make such posts only at the following RZ forum: Team Recruitment - Server Help Extra - RaGEZONE forums big up your server in Private Servers or purchase a banner advertisement from MentaL.
    4. Before creating a thread, search to see if the answer is already here. Also check the F.A.Q. before asking a question. (this should save us all time and effort)
      If you prefer, you may use these links to make a search inside PT Section:
      Main PT Section >>> Google | Yahoo! | DuckDuckGo | Excite | Bing
      Developments >>> Google | Yahoo! | DuckDuckGo | Excite | Bing
      Releases >>> Google | Yahoo! | DuckDuckGo | Excite | Bing
      Tutorials >>> Google | Yahoo! | DuckDuckGo | Excite | Bing
    5. Do not bump old threads! Instead, start a new thread and link to the old one which you wish to discuss. (REVOKED)
      Note: you can, and we would ask that you do, link to a thread or post with [thread] or [post] tags. (BBCode)
      So for this thread [thread=728537] and for this post [post=6181238].
      This means that if the forum URLs change, (which they have, in the past) the links will remain valid.
    6. Offensive posts are strictly prohibited! (as ever)
    7. Do not make a post just to thank people. Use the like button instead. If you have any other comments then feel free to post.
      Don't reply to a thread with just "Thank you","Good" etc. (this is also "bumping" even if the thread is recent)

      Sorry for the old layout, that's no excuse to give me an updated example
    8. Do not quote the last post in it's entirety as the start of your response! (Unless the last post was very short)
      If you feel the need to list an entire post, please wrap it in [spoiler] tags:-
      [spoiler][quote=username]Too Long Didn't Read Wall Of Text post which I'm going to respond to[/quote][/spoiler]
      That way, it's still local to your response, but starts out rolled up so it doesn't fill our screen with text we could have read elsewhere, and those of us who are regular have almost certainly already read. It doesn't bury your response either.
      Quote Originally Posted by username
      Too Long Didn't Read Wall Of Text post which I'm going to respond to.
      You see?
      In general quotations should highlight a specific section of a previous post which you want to comment on. So quoting part of a post or parts interspersed with responses is fine.

      If you are only responding to one part of a large post and you really want to include it all, please [highlight]highlight some part of it[/highlight] that you are interested in. (IDK, bold or underline will do fine too) But... Spoiler it too please.

      You may also consider using [post=<post number>] or [thread=<thread number>] tags to indicate the post you are referring to?
      Re. this post, I thought much the same but...
      ... or such.
    9. Please do not make "cross-threaded" posts.
      Ask one question in one place, do not make a post asking the same thing in more than one thread. It just gets really confusing. Those of us who read the forum and could answer or comment on your post will read all the places you may post it.
      If you are unsure which location is best, mention the options you considered. If the staff (who know this community intimately) disagree with your final choice, we will move it for you. It's not a problem, and much better than "cross-threading".
    10. The Off-topic pinned thread is a special case! (most pinned topics are)
      It is not spamzilla or even "Outerworld" or "Entertainment" in general. Those sections do fine as they are.
      It is a socialising and team building exercise for developers and contributors to the PT development section only.

      You are welcome to introduce yourself to the section there, or debate real-world things with other PT Development regulars, outside of the wider RaGEZONE community.

      If you do not plan on sticking around in the Priston Tale section of RaGEZONE, we would rather you don't flood our thread.

      Origin and purpose:
      The pinned topic was actually created because of light hearted off-topic banter which appeared in threads. Deleting that and closing threads which devolve into flame wars leaves a negative impression of the community when people are searching... while leaving it makes it difficult to find useful information using the search. So as a compromise to this double negative, we clean out banter in ageing threads to the OT thread, and ask that if people are going to go far off-topic (on a tangent) they try to post to the OT sticky to save us moving it later.

      However, it has served us well in getting to know one another, both personally and professionally. Which, in turn, helps developers work on projects together. Sarcasm and jocularity is less often taken offensively etc. because we better understand each others sense of humour. Which had proven problematic in the past.

      If you haven't made a reasonable number of valid, response provoking posts in our section, we will just delete your post.

      Post count bumping will result in infractions! Just like anywhere else.

    Security Rules
    1. It's strictly prohibited to request / give any cheat, or exploit program, or any information on how to create them.
      This can be hard, when trying to discuss how to protect your server, or client from such threats. However, we must try to keep such information as vague as possible, while still being understood.
    2. For your own safety (and without taking on any responsibility for your actions) please be sure to read this warning before downloading anything.

    Old MIB user migration:-Additionally: For those who may be coming to RaGEZONE from the former M.P.T. (Brazilian) forums, please read this thread and be sure you understand the differences between our forums before posting here.

    You are welcome here. And we hope you will find us an accommodating, and a pleasant substitute to your old home. But you are more likely to find us so, if you recognise these differences, and attempt to behave accordingly. ______________________________________________________________________
    Violating any of these rules may result in a warning or infraction.
    Warnings offer the benefit of the doubt. Anyone can make a mistake, but we rarely warn twice for the same thing. Learn from them!
    If you get 5 infractions, you will be temporarily banned from RaGEZONE.
    If you continue to break the rules and / or disrupt the community, your actions will be investigated by a super moderator.
    Such scrutiny often leads to more permanent bans.

    RZ Staff are here to avoid and defuse disputes among users, not to bully them. If you feel you where treated unfairly by a member of staff, please consult (via PM?) one of their immediate superiors. (if you feel abused by MentaL, that's just normal [bobsobol])

    Please help us to make this as nice a community as possible.

    Thanks in advance,
    RaGEZONE Forums, PT Dev Section staff.
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    Rough Vietnamese translation.

    A recent warning (0 point infraction) was issued with the response that English is hard. This is no excuse, but the recipient did accept responsibility. I'm here to help people get along, not to make life difficult, so I tried to make a meaningful translation. The rules are sometimes quite official, or technical language which is hard to translate. (I know from trying to use sites in languages I don't know well)

    Disclaimer: The English rules are what we follow, if my translation is bad or you didn't read the English rules that's still your fault!

    This is just to help you read the English rules.

    The word "bump" doesn't seem to translate... means to add a new post, and so push topic back up the list? It's also like walking into someone. You may know, if you do not look where you are going? This will push them forward unexpectedly.
    1. Khi bắt đầu một chủ đề, luôn luôn cung cấp cho thích hợp [tiền tố tag].
    2. Khi tạo một chủ đề, cũng phải sử dụng một tiêu đề mô tả mô tả chủ đề của tin nhắn.
    3. Đừng cố gắng để tuyển dụng nhân viên của bạn, hay quảng cáo bất kỳ máy chủ tư nhân.
    4. Trước khi tạo một chủ đề, tìm kiếm để xem nếu câu trả lời đã được đăng. Ngoài ra kiểm tra các F.A.Q. trước khi hỏi một câu hỏi.
    5. Đừng đụng chủ đề cũ!(2 tuần hoặc nhiều hơn) Thay vào đó, bắt đầu một chủ đề mới và liên kết đến các chủ đề cũ mà bạn muốn thảo luận.
    6. Nghiêm cấm nói chuyện xúc phạm! (như mọi khi)
    7. Không thực hiện một bài viết chỉ để cảm ơn những người. Sử dụng các liên kết "like" như thay thế. Nếu bạn có bất kỳ ý kiến ​​khác thì cảm thấy tự do để gửi.
    8. Không trích dẫn bài cuối cùng trong toàn bộ của nó là bắt đầu phản hồi của bạn! (Trừ khi bài cuối cùng là rất ngắn)
    9. Không đăng các văn bản giống nhau hoặc tương tự như nhiều lần, ngay cả trong các phần khác nhau. (yes, hard to translate )
    10. "Off-chủ đề" Chủ đề là một trường hợp đặc biệt!(những gì chúng tôi gửi thông thường sẽ không được phép)

    1. Không yêu cầu / cung cấp cho bất kỳ cheat, hoặc chương trình khai thác, hoặc bất kỳ thông tin nào về việc làm thế nào để tạo ra chúng.
    2. Tôi đề nghị nộp tất cả các tập tin đến website Jotti's malware scan trước khi chạy chúng.
    Base forum rules (cover the whole site):-
    1. Luôn luôn tôn trọng đối với nhau.
    2. Không đăng câu toàn bộ với thủ đô (CAPITALS) hay các phông chữ lớn. (I doubt you would)
    3. Đừng tạo ra bài viết với chỉ biểu tượng cảm xúc.
    4. Hãy thử để ở trên chủ đề.
    5. Đừng bump một chủ đề hiện có 2 tuần sau khi bài trước.
    6. Đừng bump chủ đề của riêng bạn hoặc các chủ đề của người khác nhiều lần.
    7. Không cùng một chủ đề hai hoặc nhiều lần trong một hàng. (hard to translate... don't post 2 times in 1 thread, let others reply first)
    8. Không tái tạo cùng một chủ đề, một lần là đủ.
    9. Không thư rác. (not sure if that is the right "spam"... "thư rác", pointless posts, off-topic, advertisements etc.)
    10. Đừng phá vỡ kiểm duyệt của chúng tôi. (actually means the automatic filter of rude words; "profanity"?)
    11. Không sử dụng [thẻ] không đúng. ([thẻ] this is the start of topic title "[help]" or "[discussion]"... if unsure, ask)
    12. Không sử dụng quá nhiều ngôn ngữ hôi.
    13. Không sử dụng [mod], [Admin].
    14. Không đăng các liên kết đến các trò chơi dựa trên văn bản mà không có chi tiết rõ ràng.
    15. Đừng tiếp tục một chủ đề đã bị khóa.
    16. Quảng cáo bên ngoài các nguồn không được phép.
    17. Đừng hỏi những câu hỏi đã được trả lời trong chủ đề khác. (same as our local rule)
    18. Đừng lặp đi lặp lại yêu cầu cho những thứ miễn phí. ("những thứ miễn phí." = "free things", doesn't mean "money" means "effort" )
    19. Diễn đàn này là tiếng Anh, bạn phải gửi bằng tiếng Anh hoặc tạo ra một bản dịch chính xác. (you understand this already, I can see)
    20. Không đăng các chương trình hoặc các tài liệu cung cấp cho lợi thế không công bằng. (same as our rule about "cheats")
    21. Không gửi phương tiện truyền thông bất hợp pháp.
    22. Đừng mang mối hận thù với những người bạn biết ở nơi khác vào RaGEZONE.
    23. Đừng cố gắng làm cho mọi người tức giận. (we call it "trolling" )
    24. Không đăng vật liệu khỏa thân hoặc đáng lo ngại. / Không đăng vật liệu khỏa thân hoặc khó chịu. (hard to word)
    25. Không làm cho các cuộc tấn công cá nhân đối với nhân viên, họ đang ở đây để giúp đỡ.
    26. Đừng tạo ra một tài khoản mới nếu hiện tại tài khoản của bạn bị cấm.
    27. Không đăng các liên kết tải về mà yêu cầu một cuộc khảo sát, quảng cáo được xem trước khi truy cập nội dung này đều bị nghiêm cấm.
    28. Quan trọng nhất, sử dụng cảm giác thông thường! Nếu bạn nghĩ rằng một cái gì đó có thể không được phép, sau đó bạn có thể chính xác.
    If you are good with languages, I'd be happy to hear your translation(s).