How about "procedural"? (XD)

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    How about "procedural"? (XD)

    Would it be tooooo dificult to make 'semi-procedural' PT maps? i mean... To make an algorithm that would 'couple' or 'fit' (my english is not good! XD) some pre-made "modules" into a neat PT map...

    I do not think that it would be much difficult for the 'prog' folks =D...

    And if the models are needed i would gladly do them for this project... Since it would be fairly simple models and etc..

    Here is one example of this kind of map construction:

    I myself am getting the hangs of making those kind of 'procedural maps'.. xd.. To make those sort of things for PT should not be much difficult, since i made (i proggramed it) such things myself, and i am not really the most bright of the bulbs around here... For those, i used/applied a (kind of, since i messed around a lot with it) "recursive backtracking" method.. (but, for PT, i would apply this 'Daggerfall' logistics/algorythm),

    (the last two images are from the new algorithm (3d one, EXTRREEEME!!!) i am making =3..)

    (example, with an 'skeletal unfriendly', from the 'strictly 2d gameplay' one xd.. (the 3d one is still in the making XD..)




    (this kind of means "what you guy think about it???")

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    Re: How about "procedural"? (XD)

    thats awesome man, looks like it could be pretty cool.