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How to Debate Properly

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    idea How to Debate Properly

    There are many cases that people do not know how to start a debate, or they simply ask a question and expect a debate to just fire up. This is how a debate should work here at the Debate Section.

    Starting a Debate:
    To start a debate, you must first decide what topic you will discuss in this debate. The topics that typically catch the most interest in the section are Politics, Government, Conspiracy, Society, or just General topics about life. Please note, you are not restricted to those categories, you are free to debate about whatever you feel is right, however, it must be a SERIOUS topic.

    Example of a Serious Debate Topic;
    Environmental and Pollution issues have been sprung up in the past few decades leading up to what we know today as "Global Warming". Global Warming is and was apparently brought upon by the making of a "hole" in the Ozone layer deteriorating the only real separation between the Sun and the Earth (other than the amount of space between the two), which is apparently all caused by pollution of the Earth. Some, including myself, would argue that "Global Warming" is a scam theory that allows Political Figures and Scientists to make bank loads off of profitable "Anti-Litter" and "Anti-Pollution" campaigns.

    <Insert Arguments, Details, Facts, etc. to support your opinion>

    What do you think? Is Global Warming real or just a fake scheme?
    Example of a (Very Exaggerated) "Foolish" Debate Topic;
    My dog is nice. Other dogs are mean.

    Why is my dog the best and other dogs not the best?
    I think you get the picture.

    Participating in a Debate:
    There's no right or wrong way to discuss things when your in a debate. Most people say that you shouldn't go to far into opinion when your in a debate. This is not true. Open Debates like we have here in RaGEZONE's Forums are all about opinion! However, you should have facts and/or evidence to support that opinion otherwise people will think you're just talking out of your <Fill in the Blank; and it's not your Mouth> and you know it.

    Going Off-Topic is only okay if it pertains to the original topic. If the debate is about the World Economy, you shouldn't end up arguing about who really killed President John F. Kennedy. (Just an Example). I understand that we all go off-topic sometimes, including myself. It's important to get back on-topic after awhile because otherwise you'll be entering an entirely different debate. If the topic is that big of an issue, and enough people seem to be interested, start up a new thread to debate about it.

    Religious Topics:
    Just don't... I gave Religion it's own little section in this thread, just because it is a very bad topic to debate about. There isn't currently enough evidence to support Religious ideas other than your faith. I invite you to discuss Religion/Faith and to share ideas regarding Religion, but I warn you now, if slanderous discussion begins, action will be taken.

    Take my advice, if you KNOW you can't discuss it without it becoming a problem, don't bother discussing it at all.

    Awareness of what you Post:
    When you're posting or starting a thread, make sure you know what you're talking about. For the sake of your own dignity, if you make an entire thread that is just bad, don't post it. Do the research before you post if you're not 100% on the topic you want to start a debate about. There's nothing worse than getting annihilated by another user who knows much more about the topic than you within the first 2 posts.

    I understand, this forum is used by people from all around the world, and I respect that. I ask that you at least check for grammatical errors in your posts/threads before you submit them. Otherwise, you'll have the Grammar Fiends gnawing at your neck for posting something with simple spelling errors.

    General/Specific Topics:
    Sometimes people start debates about topics that are either way too generalized to discuss or too specific for others to relate to. When you are starting a debate make sure that others can debate about it, not just you. For example, if you just have a debate about music, that's way too general for anyone to discuss because there are many different genres and styles of music. If you have a debate about the store down the street from your house, that's way too specific for anyone who has never or who don't currently live near you.

    Make sure when you make title/subject for your thread/debate, it states what the debate is actually about in detail. If the debate is about The NSA's Invasion of Privacy, don't just name the thread "NSA". It isn't enough information to catch someone's eye. At the same token, you don't want to put too much detail in the title because that's just an eye-sore. Short, Sweet, and to the point.

    Thanks for Reading thus far!

    I may add more to this thread, if I do, I'll add "[UPDATE]" to the title to let you know!

    If you believe I've missed something, please feel free to PM me!

    Thank you, and have a Good Day!
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