Earths power sources

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    Earths power sources

    So I've been thinking on a common idea do you reckon that we will ever run out of a power source for the earth to power all of our electronics and more.

    I think that eventually at the rate we keep going we will be expending all of our main common power source which would be electric and was wondering? Yes it's possible then we would just move on to solar power or even wind power but is it possible to run out of those as well it's quite weird to think about it in that way.

    Considering when we use solar panels which then are absorbing heat from the sun does that mean it's possible to use up the sun?

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    Re: Earths power sources

    Not sure what this is trying to debate but just read about Renewable energy sources... /thread

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    Re: Earths power sources

    As Lewis said renewable energy sources pretty much sum this thread up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bradley View Post
    Considering when we use solar panels which then are absorbing heat from the sun does that mean it's possible to use up the sun?
    As for "using up the sun", we don't really 'use up' the sun ourselves, rather the sun is slowly depleting its own energy through nuclear fusion in its core. However, the sun does have a set lifetime and that lifetime is about 5 billion years. During this period the sun will use up all of its hydrogen and turn into a red giant star, eventually shedding its outer layers becoming a white dwarf star; which, white dwarfs are estimated to last longer than the current age of our universe. However, 5 billion years (concerning the sun turning into a red giant and losing all of its hydrogen) is a... cosmologically long time, so we would be long gone by then.

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    Re: Earths power sources

    Quote Originally Posted by Lewis View Post
    Not sure what this is trying to debate but just read about Renewable energy sources... /thread
    Strictly speaking they're actually not truly renewable but powered by the energy radiated by the sun... Technicalities aside, I think there's even a lot to debate about whether it's possible to practically and efficiently harness all the so-called renewable sources to produce enough to fulfill our ever-growing energy needs. As we know, wind & solar power for instance have a terrible power to space ratio and there's a limit on how much of the planet's surface can be coated in solar panels and wind turbines.

    Then again, maybe solar technology will advance so that more energy can be gathered per square meter, but how far can it it pushed and is it feasible taking costs into account? I feel the subject is far more complex than what Lewis suggests.
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    Re: Earths power sources

    Well I personally think that, we have enough resources/means of gathering/harnessing resources to last humans as long as we will be existing on this planet - that being said, what will happen is the Government(s) (for lack of a better governing power over the entire Earth) will up the price of energy for civil consumption and normal people will not be able to pay for basic needs such as energy, food, etc.

    I say this because (in an unrelated debate) everything in the world comes down to money, power and control. When the leaders of the Earth stop making absurd amounts of money from the harnessing of natural resources, they will make it harder for normal people to obtain/use these resources because they are greedy and evil men and women.

    To better put into perspective what I am talking about I'll use an analogy.

    Say the cost of harnessing solar energy through solar panels is $1 per panel. (Obviously it's not, for simplicity reasons I'm just saying $1 though.) Now, let's say that 1 solar panel can power the average household for a day, that means that it costs the Government $1 a day to power an average household. (Again, these aren't actual figures just simple figures to make it easier to understand.) So with that being said, we'll assume the Government, since it is a greedy organization, will charge twice as much as it costs for them to produce this energy for civilians to use it. That means that it will cost the average household $2/day for energy.

    Eventually, the Government will up this price. It doesn't cost them more to make the solar panels, they just want more money and power, so the end result being that the average household will eventually in the span of X amount of years will not be able to afford the energy, and only the rich (exaggeration) people in this world will be able to sustain themselves.

    This all being said, 'poverty' homelessness, starvation and many other factors will rise drastically.

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    Re: Earths power sources

    Speaking on sun energy, the solar energy striking Earth is over 3 trillion MWh per day while energy used per day is around 500 million MWh. There is no need to gather energy for saving as you can use directly. Now problem are solar panels efficiency, which if I remember correctly on market average is 3-5% (Tesla solar stuff is 15-20% and improving). There is just a lack of I+D for it.
    Solar energy is more than enough, while one hour of sun is the energy used in a year. You can see it much clearly with numbers.

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    Re: Earths power sources

    Resources are meant to be depleted. But not at the rate greater than that of replenishment.

    There are renewable resources, but not everyone utilizes them.
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    Re: Earths power sources

    My city and surrounding cities run off of a dam. Though it's kinda hard to say dams are green, the moving water providing it energy has been there a very long time and will continue to be there for a long time, so I guess it's kind of renewable. The stuff we use to gather electricity, I'm under the understanding, (with the exception of fuels like oil, natural gas or coal), are expending that energy whether we tap into it or not.

    The sun is burning- we're not making it burn faster by placing mirrors or solar panels. The wind is blowing- we're not making the weather slow down or speed up by placing mind mills. The Earth is pushing heat from it's core towards the outside, and heating water and shit that's underground, we're not speeding up that process by developing geothermal power plants. Rivers are flowing, the moon orbits around the earth and pushes tidal forces into shore- just about anywhere there's natural heat or friction, there's energy being wasted and we can tap into that source to generate electricity.

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