Jerusalem - Palestinian or Israeli?

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    Jerusalem - Palestinian or Israeli?

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    This section is getting rusty, I can't believe I've seen no debates here in a while, you're all slacking! Up your game!

    Before I introduce this subject, I must remind you that this is a real controversial subject so I don't expect to see any mindless, bickering in the replies and certainly nothing that you could consider national propaganda, stick to the facts of the situation and if you have no actual knowledge on this, please be careful of your words as you may offend some people OR don't even comment.

    This debate is about the on-going yet intermittent conflict between Israel and Palestine and the whole Jerusalem affair that has been going on for.. ever.

    Jerusalem is the city that straddles the border of the West Bank and Israel, both of these places have two different religions, but have their most holiest places in this land.

    It's claimed by both Palestine and Israel, but the long argument remains, how can we divide this city fairly?

    I think the fact of the matter here is, you can't. Two reasons, it's not possible to divide a city into two countries, the conflicts it would create every day is massive, plus they would have two different laws to abide by on each side of the city. Not to mention it would be absolute desecration to the town, considering it IS possibly the most holy place in the world with regards to the bible and also the torah.

    Anyway, it's kicking off once again after Trump claimed Jerusalem was the capital of Israel. Of course this is going to cause a massive backlash and has.

    What is it about?
    I've pretty much already described that to you before, but it is mainly about Palestine and Israel both claiming Jerusalem as their capital, the majority of Palestinians want liberation and follow the Palestinian Liberation Organisation. There are many different groups though, those that are accountable for Gaza and the majority of Palestine is Hamas as well as Fatah.

    Here's some info on the involvement of the pair:

    The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) is the national representative of the Palestinian people. It runs the Palestinian National Authority (PA), the semi-autonomous government tasked with managing the Palestinian territories until it makes a deal with Israel. Fatah, the secular nationalist political party that's dominated Palestinian politics for decades, controls the PLO and PA.
    In practice, the PLO runs the government in the West Bank but not in Gaza, which is governed by Hamas. It also conducts peace talks on behalf of the Palestinians, but its authority to implement those deals has in the past been hampered by poor relations with Hamas.
    In the first decades after its 1964 creation, the PLO sought to destroy Israel and replace it with an entirely Palestinian state. Fatah's founder, Yasser Arafat, employed military tactics toward this end, including attacks on Israeli civilians. This changed in 1993, when the PLO accepted Israel's right to exist in exchange for Israel recognizing it as the legitimate representative of Palestinians. That was the beginning of real peace negotiations between the two sides.
    The PLO's current chair is the relatively moderate Mahmoud Abbas, whose opposition to violence played a role in de-escalating the second intifada.Frustrated by the failure of peace talks, particularly Secretary of State John Kerry's push in 2013 and early 2014, Abbas is also pursuing international recognition of Palestinian statehood. As a result, Palestine now has non-member state status at the UN; it also joined the International Criminal Court on April 1, 2015.

    I hope that was enough information for you.
    Research away and fire back at me with your views on this.

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